Breaking Dawn- The ending? Or a new beginning?


Jordan Walker-Cardos writes, It is here.

It is here. Breaking Dawn has finally arrived! The Twilight Saga has ended…..or so we think. We are still looking forward to the release of Midnight Sun, (Twilight from Edward’s view) and the Twilight official guide that is released on December 30th. For those who haven’t read the books they are intoxicating, amazing, and have touched lives across the world, including my own. When a normal, plain-jane girl, Isabella (Bella) Swan moves to small town Forks, Washington to live with her father she meets Edward Cullen. A gorgeous, god-like, boy who has a secret of his own, he is a vampire. when Bella falls in love with him, her life is in danger and not only by Edward. Some have compared these books the famous Harry Potter author, J.K Rowling, But i compare the Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer, to Shakespeare! August 1st- My friends, Andrea Bravo, Luisa Escamilla, and I went to The Breaking Dawn Midnight release party and had a blast!! We dressed up as vampires and entered to costume contest as we awaited the arrival at midnight we had our fortune read, got bite marks on our necks and read…..Twilight of course!!! (Check out the photos attached of the midnight release party) Luisa Escamilla says, “Oh my freaking gosh I bet you it will be the best one yet!” I have to say that sense I am almost finish with it, it is. (Small summary on Breaking Dawn- When Bella Swan and Edward Cullen finally get to be together ,peacefully, their problems have just begun.) So far, this is the most wonderful book of all time!!!! “Psh. Romeo Juliet my butt. Its Breaking Dawn baby!” says Andrea Bravo in her own opinion, mine as well.August 2nd Midnight- AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! The ear drum-bursting screams sweeped the nation as fan-girls and boys countdowns have ended! Yes it is here all i can say is….. WOWWIE!!


  1. I’m going to look for this series.
    I’m going to look for this series. It sounds very interesting.

  2. Good job!
    Good job! They’re fantastic, aren’t they? Check your grammar and spelling, though. Also, I would disagree about Stephanie Meyer and Shakespeare – they don’t seem quite the same in terms of caliber and popularity. However, I can relate to how exciting the Twilight craze is! It’s pretty great!

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