Copenhagen, Denmark– Going Green with Bikes


Isabelle Aboaf writes, Hello!

Hello! Welcome to Copenhagen! Copenhagen is a beautiful city lined with fruit and vegetable markets, statues, and famous castles and museums. It’s green and very picturesque. I think it’s one of the best places I’ve ever visited! Copenhagen has many amazing architectural features, but one thing that wraps it all up is the biking they do there. In this beautiful city, the Danish natives are used to, practically glued to, biking to get places. They bike to school, to work, and to stores! If they’re biking to work, the men wear suits or tuxedos and bring briefcases. If women are, they’re in high heels, dress skirts and blouses, and have a purse with them. It’s amazing how they’re used to this- – and we’re used to driving a vehicle! What’s a Renting Station? Simply put, people rent the bikes after putting a coin in a rack and just pulling a bike out. Then when they’re done with their bike for the day, they turn it into another rack placed around the city and their coin pops back up for them to take. If there’s no space left for a bike, and this isn’t unusual, they leave it somewhere around the city for another person to hop onto. In this case, the bikes are technically free. In fact, the Danish natives are honest enough to return the bikes to a rack. There are nearly 110 racks scattered around the city, and it’s 20 Danish Kroner to take a bike (4 US $). In my Opinion… Danish citizens are able to keep green and environmentally friendly while getting good exercise and having fun. It doesn’t pollute, and the system works pretty smoothly. It’s healthier for you, and the environment!!!!! Congratulations, Copenhagen! You are a fine role model!