My French coach~nintendo DS


Vikasini Mahalingam writes, At the beginning of my linguistic journey…

At the beginning of my linguistic journey, i was just like a large majority of people in the United States, i had no idea how to speak French. Colorado Kids helped me discover the breathtaking French language, through a very fun video game called my French coach (in French: Mon entra├«neur fran├žais). It was by far the largest piece of knowledge i ever gained from my Nintendo DS. You start out by taking a small (and incredibly fun) placement “test”. It decides which level is a good fit for you to start on. With countless levels, it gradually builds your capability to make sentences, and soon you can speak French like a pro! The game uses actual voices to enhance the accents and the way you speak. Although Spanish is the language that most high schoolers in Colorado take as a second language, in 1999, there were 79,572,000* people all over the world that spoke French! In the game you have your own, virtual, tutor who guides you through the tedious process. I had loads of fun learning French, and i am sure that this game will have you wanting more. *Summer Institute for Linguistics (SIL) Ethnologue Survey


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