A week for History Lovers: Day One


Rachel Faulkner writes, Let’s face it.

Let’s face it. Our generation is facing near self-destruction with our addiction to the newest technology and gear. We scamble to the nearest iPod store, spend half the day texting our friends, and spend the other half sitting either in front of a TV or computer. Now, that’s not to say that all of us are like that. There are some select few teenagers nowadays who study hard and are immersed in history. Andit is tothose teenagers (I am one myself), in the northern city of Greeley, this week is dedicated. What, you might ask, am I talking about? Every year for nine years, Greeley has been honored to host the High Planes Chautauqua preformances. These are a selection of adults as dedicated to history as the words are to the page of a book. They preform monolagues outlining someone particularly important in America’s history, usually having to do with a theme. In the past, the themes have been World War II, Roaring 20’s, Civil War, Revolutionary War, etc. This year the staff has taken on a new idea: American Dreamers. Last night, the first preformer, a Nevada college professor named Doug Mishler, brilliantly portrayed Phineus Taylor Barnum, of Barnum and Bailey Circus. It was a wonderful experience to sit in the audience, as Mishler kept the audience alive with rapid wit and facinating details, all in the shoes of Barnum himself. And as the sun set over the city of Greeley, the magnificent big tent in the Aims Community College glowed with entertainment. But the fun does not stop there. No, this whole week preformers will light up the night in the big tent. We will hear from Horace Greeley, Susan B. Anthony, Mark Twain, Thomas Alva Edison, and more. Each preformance will be preceeded by live music and possibly dancing, and will have caterers near the tent. Activities occur during the week as well, such as chats with the preformers in a coffee shop. And finally, how will you be a part of this fantastic event? Come to Greeley for a while, where you will enjoy a blast in the past and the chance to meet some of our most influential American heroes. Tonight the events start at 5:00 p.m. on the AimsCommunity College campus in the Big Field. You can’t miss it – but for those of you who do, I’ll keep you posted through the week.Marvelat historyin its greatest!