Mulan: Honor to us all


Rachel Faulkner writes, So yeah.

So yeah. We’re all getting a little old for Disney princess fairy tales. But who can resist an adventure packed with bravery? I sure can’t. And so I couldn’t, you see, when I picked up the boxed edition of Mulan and Mulan II. Most people know the story of Mulan, but I’ll give you a little refresher, Following a disaster with the matchmaker of her village, Mulan feels like she is good for nothing anymore. That is, until her father is called to fight in China’s army. Knowing that her father will die, because he is too old, Mulan is faced with the biggest decision of her life. Either stay and know how impossible it is for her father to survive or disguise herself as a man and go in his place. What’s a girl to do? Of course, she chooses the second option! Stealing away in the middle of the night, she and her horse face second thoughts once they lay eyes on the training camp. Luckily, her ancestors, um…”sent”…a miniature dragon, Mushu, to help her. And so she goes into camp, and later into war, trying to keep up but also needing to conceal her real identity. But the enemy is ferocious, and “Ping”, as Mulan is called, along with her captain, Shang, and her small group of warriors, must save the emperor and China before it is too late! And can Mulan still fight if and when her gender is discovered? This classic tale comes with a second disk of bonus features, if you buy the boxed set. Also included in the set is Mulan II, where Mulan is again called to help her country with her betrothed, Shang, and the bumbling band of three. As they trek accross China, the royal escort of three Chinese princesses, they realize the journey is frought with danger, not only physically but also mentally. And of course, mini Mushu is in tow to create choas! I was surprised at how entertained I was watching these two movies, and I think you might be too. Watch them if you dare!


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