Time Traveling With the Minutemen!


Christine Samson writes, Did you ever think what it would be like to time travel?

Did you ever think what it would be like to time travel? Or did you ever want to change the mistake you made? Well, you came to the right place because Minutemen has it all!Entering high school are Virgil Fox, Stephanie Jameson, and Derek Beaugard. The three are best friends, until the incident happens. During Derek’s football tryouts and Stephanie’s cheerleading tryouts, Charlie Tuttle, a 9-year-old boy genius drives through the football field in a rocket cart. When Derek throws a football at Charlie, Charlie gets made fun of. Virgil comes to save Charlie, but he gets bullied too. Then, the football players put them in cheerleading suits with lipstick on the Rams Statue outside of the school. That day was when Charlie and Virgil became friends, but also separated Stephanie, Derek, and Virgil.Three years later, Charlie finds out that he can make a time machine. So, they ask Zeke Thompson, a mysterious scary guy who is good in making things in mechanics, to help them make a time machine. With the help of Jeanette, Charlie’s secret crush, the trio are off to time travel!At first, Virgil wants to go back to the past to buy a lottery ticket that will make him rich and famous, but it doesn’t work. So, when Chester, a nerd, gets bullied by a bunch of people, Charlie gets the idea of using time travel to help people’s mistakes. So, they help Chester, along with some other people, such as Eugene, and make their lives better.While they are helping others, Mr. Tolkan, the vice principal of Summerton High School, notices them. He is out to get them and punish them. He calls them the “snowsuit guys” which is what everyone is calling them (Although Virgil prefers the minutemen).Mr. Tolkan is not the only one who is after them. The FBI has been noticing some strange activity and wants to find out what it is. They are suspecting that Virgil, Charlie, and Zeke all have something to do with it! The FBI also finds out that someone has stolen the documents of NASA which was an experiment on time traveling. The experiment failed, and therefore hasn’t been touched…until now.Also, Virgil wants to hang out with Derek Beaugard and Stephanie Jameson like they did before the incident. Well, actually, he wants to be more than just friends with Stephanie. The thing is, Derek and Stephanie are dating! But there is something going on with Derek. He seems to be interested in Jocelyn Lee, a popular girl at school.After a lot of time traveling, Charlie finds out that a black hole has been created and that they only have a few more hours until the end of the world. So, he goes and warns the FBI about it and confesses that he has been time traveling. Charlie says that there is a way of reversing it, and that involves going into the black hole themselves.Meanwhile, Virgil is at the dance with Stephanie, since Stephanie caught Derek kissing Jocelyn Lee. Derek wants Virgil to go back in time to stop Stephanie from walking in on him and Jocelyn Lee kissing, but Virgil isn’t sure if he wants to do it or not, even though he agreed.Will they be able to reverse the black hole in time? Will Virgil go back in time to help Derek? Will Stephanie and Virgil get together? And who did steal the documents from NASA? The answers and more will be revealed in Minutemen.Title: MinutemenCompany: Disney Channel, Salty PicturesDirector: Lev L. SpiroScreenwriters: John KilloranDavid WeissmanDavid DiamondStarring: Jason Dolly (Virgil Fox)Luke Benward (Charlie Tuttle)Nicholas Braun (Zeke Thompson)Chelsea Staub (Stephanie Jameson)Kara Crane (Jeanette)Steven R. McQueen (Derek Beaugard)J.P. Manoux (Vice Principal Mr. Tolkan)Length of Video: 92 minutesRating: TVGThere really isn’t a specific thing that I liked about the film, I basically liked it all! I didn’t really like it when Derek cheated on Stephanie, and then wants Virgil to fix it so he can still have Stephanie! The characters are all played very well and they have great costumes too! The plot of Minutemen is basically about time traveling. The actors and actresses did a very good job of acting. It felt as if I was really there! How the movie is shown is great, too. There are very cool special effects there, especially when they are time traveling.I would definitely recommend this DVD because it is a great movie and I think everyone will enjoy it. I think all ages would enjoy this movie. The special features of this DVD include: a music video by Corbin Bleu, “The Making of Minutemen”, and a never before seen extended ending. I don’t really know what other DVDs to recommend. And that’s what Minutemen is all about. So, if you’re looking for something that involves time traveling, make sure to check out Minutemen!


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