Money Saving Tips for Back-to-School


Jill Armstrong writes, I usually buy my clothes at Target or get clothes passed down from my two older sisters.

I usually buy my clothes at Target or get clothes passed down from my two older sisters. I don’t need a lot of high end clothes, because I usually outgrow them after the first month or two. Leah Iatridis, 12, BoulderI have so many hand me downs from generous friends, family, and neighbors that I have no need to buy any clothes. I school at home so I don’t need many school supplies. What I do need, we look for bargains and sales. Ferris Elizabeth Fynboh, 9, DenverI always wait for the Sunday newspaper to come before we get my school supplies. It has a bunch of coupons and sales that we can use. You don’t have to buy all your school supplies from one store. You can buy them from many stores with sales and coupons to save money. Rebecca Talpers, 11, Littleton I personally like to save my money so then if something new comes out that I want to buy, I can get it. I earn money by babysitting for my parents and my neighbors. Abby L., 13, BoulderI have lived in California my whole life and just moved to Denver. It has been my experience with the fashion-conscience teens in California, that they are spending too much money for fancy and fashionable clothes just so that they can look stylish and to draw attention to their bodies. If they are shopping at bargain outlets and thrifty clinics, it’s probably because it is popular to do so. I think that you should buy a week’s worth of basic clothes and a few high fashion items. Grace Linderman, 9, Highlands Ranch Who needs clothes that are “in” when you can start your own trends?!? Shopping with friends at local thrift stores can be fun, easy, and cheap. Jordan Adolph, 11, ThorntonI try to shop for things on sale and compare prices with other stores. I also think about how long I’ll use the product and if it’s really worth the price. Mary Anne Porto, 10, WestminsterOne thing my family has done to save money is reusing some supplies around the house, instead of buying things I already have. Lauren McCulley, 11, LittletonBefore shopping at the store, I “shop” at our home. I first see if my brother has any clothes too small, and then I shop. For school, I first look at the school supplies that I have left over from last year. David King, 14, FranktownLook for cheaper notebooks, like 10-notebooks-for-a-dollar deals. Get the cheaper brand of rulers, pencils, and other tools. If the kid wants to make their notebook or ruler look different, add pictures on the front off the notebook, or color their ruler with their markers to make their own supply’s unique. Also, in the beginning, buy a good brand of a backpack so that you can use it for a few years, instead of buying a new backpack every year. Rebecca Whitesell,11, Westminster My friends wouldn’t buy things from thrift stores, but I do. I got my favorite pair of jeans and a few good books from the Arc Thrift Store by my house. Although, I do go to a school with a uniform, I love thrift stores for a bunch of other clothes. It really saves money. I got my Faded Glory jeans for only six bucks! And they were in near-perfect condition! Buy the stuff you really need when it’s out, and then buy the rest of it when it’s on clearance. Hannah Duran, 14, BroomfieldWith our economy slowly sliding further and further down, people like me, who celebrated having a middle class lifestyle, are quickly finding that times are getting harder, but it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. I enjoy cooking at home instead of eating out. It doesn’t bother me that shopping at Target has gone from rare to imperative. Vikasini Mahalingam, 14, DenverI like that idea because it is a way of being green and teens need to do more of it. You can watch for ads of sales and watch for coupons on those items. Collin Meyers, 11, LittletonWhenever I go shopping, I go to a nearby thrift store where I can get designer brands and vintage clothes that are in style for 1/2 or even 1/4 of their original price. Why pay 2, 3 or even 4 times as much for something brand new when you can get it like-new cheaply and help the less fortunate at the same time? Bailey Cross, 12, WestminsterMy friends and I re-use our old supplies from previous years. I’ve been using the same calculator for about three years. Paige Ostwald, 14, Arvada Most of my friends are shopping at these discount stores because of the bad economy. And the great thing about it is that they can get almost the same kinds of things that you might see in a magazine. Jacy Ericson, 13, Englewood We use our own scissors from the year before and our own notebooks. On our clothes, we only buy off the clearance and sales rack. We save a lot of money this way. My friend’s father even sold a few items to buy a “scooter” that gets 80 miles a gallon!!! Isabelle Aboaf, 9, Centennial My friends and I prefer to shop at thrift stores! We can get around four or five items at the thrift store for what we would normally pay for one shirt at the mall. If you go with an open mind, it’s amazing how many affordable, fashionable, and unique clothes you can find there. Joanna Schumacher, 15, GoldenWhile the gas prices are rising and my parents find it costly to take me down to Denver (since we live about an hour away in Bailey) to shop for new clothes and supplies for school, I buy a lot of my clothes at a store called Plato’s Closet that sells gently used clothes that are pretty cheap. We also look for a lot of coupons for school supplies and find if there are sales on notebooks, pencils, paper, etc. Kelle Eck, 14, BaileyI think that teenagers and kids my age, don’t want to shop at thrift stores. I know I wouldn’t want kids to know that I shopped there and then they would make up things like ‘she doesn’t have money to buy new clothes’ and I have been teased for things along those lines. One time, I was made fun of because my favorite shoes were too tight on my feet. Jordan Walker-Cardos We could reuse water bottles, filling them with water from your house, and we could use supplies we already have for back-to-school, such as half-used notebooks and sketchbooks, and use already used colored pencils. And speaking of notebooks, use the whole page. Caroline J., 11, DenverIf I have any materials from last year that are still useable, I bring them to school this year. Other expensive items can be found at places that sell items for sometimes half the normal store’s price. Allyson, 10, WestminsterSome of the things that help with saving money are shopping online where you can get bargains or going to Plato’s closet if you like the brand names that can be a little expensive. You can also go to Ross or TJ-maxx and find great stuff like outfits from American Eagle Cristina, 13, Highlands RanchYou should always look for buy-1-get-1-free sales. Then, get a couple of different colors. Justin Ford, 10, PineTo save money on school supplies this school year, my family and I are looking through the sale ads and finding good sales at stores that are close to where we live. We usually only have to go to a few stores and we get most of our supplies on sale. We also reuse supplies from the year before if we can. Sierra Goldie, 12, LakewoodIn order to save money on back-to-school supplies students have been reusing supplies from their previous years in school and using coupons and rebates on the items they do purchase. On clothes, teens shop with their own money mostly and normally shop during sales or at cheaper stores. These are a few ways teens these days have been trying to be frugal when shopping. Arriana Salma Belkin I skim the catalogues and advertisements I see in the newspaper occasionally and see where I can get the best deal. Alex Sarche, 13, Denver