Orion and Talbot’s Adventures


Orion Pilger writes, Orion and Talbot’s AdventuresBy: OrionChapter 1The noteAs Talbot held the mysterious book…

Orion and Talbot’s AdventuresBy: OrionChapter 1The noteAs Talbot held the mysterious book, she wondered, “What in the world is keeping Orion?” “Hey Talbot! Come check this out!” came a muffled shout from downstairs. Talbot wasn’t sure who or what made that noise so, to be safe, she grabbed the radar and went downstairs.On the radar, it shows whether there is a bad person or a good person. If the dot is red, it is a bad guy. If the dot is green, it is someone you know or a good guy.Something weird was going on because the radar was fizzing and it regularly does not do that. But Talbot could make out a slight green dot that showed her the person was good. But she still wasn’t sure.She heard, “Come on!!!” and then scurried down the stairs as quiet as a mouse. The farther down she went, the more the radar fizzed. Finally, when she was downstairs, the radar was completely blank. As her eyes adjusted to the dark, she saw that it was Orion. “What was holding you up so long?” Talbot asked. “I found this down here! Dun, dun, DUNNNN!!!!” said Orion trying to be funny as he held up a note. “What is it? A note? Let’s open it up.” said Talbot. Orion opened it and, before they knew it, they were flying downwards in a pit of black.Chapter 2The TunnelThey had no idea what had happened to them, but they didknow they hade been tricked by that mysterious note. They had been falling for a while now, and didn’t know how long or how far down they would fall. “What is this bad trick?!!??!” shouted Talbot drowning out the sound of wind for 3 seconds. “I don’t know!!” screamed back Orion. “You set it up didn’t you!!!!” screamed Talbot. “Gosh! NO I DIDN’T!!! Why are you blaming me??”yelled Orion, yelling and muttering at the same time. “Let’s stop fighting!” Talbot said, warmly. “Well, after all, we are friends…” said Orion. “Yes, so let’s not fight and try to figure this out!” said Talbot. “Ok.”said Orion. Suddenly, they hit the ground. Or that’s what it felt like.Ever dropped 50,000 feet and landed on the ground unharmed? Probably not but anyway, it all happened in slow motion. It was a very powerful blast as Orion and Talbot slammed into the ground. The impact was so great, it felt like Orion and Talbot could just splat on the ground right there! But something very weird had happened because when they hit the floor, they landed on their stomachs, unharmed. Orion was shaking because of how scary he thought this was and because of the impact though.Five minutes after they had hit the ground and were lying on it, the floor opened up and swallowed Orion and Talbot. Now they were falling through a gray tunnel! They slid down the tunnel at lightspeed. Or it felt like it. They finally reached the bottom.They flew out of the tunnel and landed on a red mat on the floor. As Talbot got up, she noticed that the same red mat was on the floor everywhere else, and everything was red. When Talbot looked at Orion, she noticed that Orion was white. She quickly figured out that living things were white and non-living things were red. A few seconds later, Orion stood up with her. “Well, well, well! What do we have here??” laughed a deep, cruel voice from somewhere in the room.Chapter 3General GrievousThe voice seemed to echo off all the walls and bounce back at Orion and Talbot. Then Orion noticed a shadow on the wall growing bigger and bigger every second. The shadow was moving towards Orion and Talbot fast. The steady thump of the shadow’s footsteps loudened at the same time the shadow got bigger. “Make it go away!!” came a scared shout from under one of the red mats. Talbot looked down and saw Orion hiding and shaking under the red mat. Suddenly, emerging from the corner came a figure that was completely white. He didn’t look scary at first sight, but he was scary when you studied him. He turned out to be a skeleton with a red cape. He had two complicated arms…..well, complicated because bones are complicated. “You dare to come and challenge me, General Grievous?!? I haven’t lost a battle in years!!!” said the skeleton. “Oh, well we’ll just see about that,” said Talbot. Then Talbot charged at General Grievous.


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