New York City!


Justin Toledo writes, This summer I when on vacation to New York City.

This summer I when on vacation to New York City.Once I stepped foot in this city, first thing I noticed was all the buildings. All of them seemed like typical buildings that you would see anywhere. All but one. One building caught my eye. It is the tallest in New York City standing at 1,454 feet, weighing 365,000 tons, completed on November 13, 1930, owned by Donald Trump, The Empire State Building. My mom had bought us tickets that allowed us to go on a tour bus, The Empire State Building, and another important monument that I will get to.The Empire State Building was first. To get to the top, we had to ride on an escalator, then an elevator, then another elevator, and finally we were at the top, 103 floors we had climbed up. When we were down in the city, it was earsplitting. But, up in The Empire State Building, it was still and peaceful. Once we were finished, back down the elevators we went. The tour bus was next. So on we wentThe tour bus took us to the World Trade Center (9-11), attacked on September 11, 2001. Where I discovered that they are establishing new Twin Towers. And we went to many other sites.Now, do you remember when I said the tickets allowed us to visit another important monument well that is The Statue of Liberty standing at 305 ft. tall. When we were on the ferry to The Statue of Liberty, I watched the waves as they collided off the ferry, sparkling by the sun. When we completed our trip to the island, we raced to the statue. It felt amazing to be inside this monument, I felt as if I was there121 years ago, when Lady Liberty was just being established. Now we had visited the last monument, our tickets had expired. But, there was one more main part of N.Y.C. that didn’t require a thing. It is the most crowded part of N.Y.C., Times Square. So on to Times Square it was. By the time we arrived night did too. So lights turn on all sparkled the sky. At that time, everything seemed lit N.Y.C. up. New York City, the city that never rests, well this story has come to one.


  1. omg so you do write stories!
    omg so you do write stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, you proved me wrong justin!!! But you only made two and it was long ago… -.-

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