Hangin’ With the Sea Creatures


Alec Sarche writes, The Aquarium is one cool place.

The Aquarium is one cool place. If you have ever been there, you’d have to be of the same opinion. With its multiple exhibits and awesome rainforest settings, you can always have a good time watching these animals move around. My friends and I all piled into the car, arms and legs a-flailing, all of us excited for tonight. As we approached the Aquarium, we all fell silent. Here it was, in all its fishy glory. We zoomed out of the car and ran to the check-in. We entered the Aquarium, and saw dozens of people milling about ope-mouthed at the sheer awesomeness of this place. Rushing into the exhibit head-on, we saw an otter, showing off to all the people. It was doing backflips, rocketing out of the water with an amazing acrobatic prowess that made my jaw drop. We went throught the whole aquarium in just over an hour, and at the very end was the best part. There is a small pool of stingrays just waiting for you to pet them and adore them. Even thought they look quite intimidating, they are actually cuddly and enjoy it when you stroke them. Near the pool is a center where you can buy small fish to feed to the stingrays. This was so cool. You grab the fish in between your knuckles and lower your hand 10 inches beneath the surface. A group of rays will immediately sidle up to your hand calmly and then start flapping their wings in a frenzy of hunger. This is very scary, but don’t move your hand. I learned that the hard way. The ray will think your hand is a fish as well, and start sucking on your wrist madly. It hurts quite a bit for a while, but afterwards, you have a little mark that you can display to all your friends. But don’t worry–it fades after a few hours, and all you’ll be left with is a great memory. If you have time after you hang out with the sea creatures, go on in to the restaurant. You won’t believe how good the food is, and you can watch as hundreds of fish, sharks, eels, and even scuba divers swim by your table. So if you ever have a free day and are willing to spend some money, spend it at the Aquarium downtown. It’s worth it!


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