My Week at Camp Chief Ouray


Eliza Halpin writes, If you are looking for a great summer camp idea for next year look no further.

If you are looking for a great summer camp idea for next year look no further.CCO (Camp Chief Ouray) is the perfect place. The adventure begins when either your parents drive you or a bus does to the camp. Then once you get to camp, there are many lines. in the first one you finish paperwork and find out what cabin you are in. I was in Tejas. Then you get in a second line. You get your tempature taken and head cheacked for lice.You get your bags, label them, and put them in a pile where a truck will pick them up. If you are 9 and under you go to little bear. If you are 10 and up you go to West Village. Once you find your cabin you meet your counsalers. When everyone has arrived you go on a quick tour of the camp.Every Cabin in West Village has 8 people. Every cabin in Little Bear has 6. Activites At camp there are lots of activities. Ther is rifelry, crafts, archery, camp craft, swimming, sports and games, hiking, and others. When you sign up for camp you can sign up for the trail ride and/or rafting. Also, if you are 12 or older you can sign up for the challenge course. The trail ride may be canceled due to weather. The trail ride takes plkace during cabin time. Rafting takes place on Thursday. BOB and Cabin time There are two times in the day where you have a choice of what you do. The first one is BOB. BOB stands fr Bodies On Bunks. This is a great time to write letters, read, work on lanyards, and read. During BOB you are not aloud to talk. Cabin Activities time is like BOB except you can talk, play games, and do other more noisy things. Cabin Activities Time is right before dinner and BOB time is right after lunch. Chores and Meals The last things I am going to tell you about are chores and meals. Let’s start with meals. There are three meals every day. Breakfast is served at 7. Lunch is served at 12. Dinner is served at 5:30. There is a afternoon snack. The meals are nice and there is a vegetarian option for vegetarians. During lunch and dinner there is a salad bar. If you don’t like whats for breakfast there is cerial. Okay, so now about chores. After breakfast you may get a chore. Some of the chores a re sweeping and cleaning the bathrooms. also every day there are two hoppers. Hoppers are the people who set the table, clean up, and serve the food. Also, you need to keep your cabin clean or you may not get mail. End of Camp On the last day of camp there is a cookout and skit night. This is when your parents pick you up. I hope you enjoyed hearing about CCO. If you want to go you can look them up. i know I had a wonderful experience and want to go back next year.