Conserving $Money$ And Our Globe


Jordan Adolph writes, With our economy, everyone is doing what they can, to try to save money.

With our economy, everyone is doing what they can, to try to save money. Energy and Water Rates are going up and their usage is going down. Many people are getting rid of things like TV’s because they take up to much money, especially cable. People of our country are now starting to realize energy and money saving ways to live their everyday life. If you really think about it there are some really easy ways to save water, money, and energy. Like, turning off lights when you leave a room. How hard is that? You simply flip the switch or press a button. This can save you (depending on your light bulb) about 7.2 cents in an average 9 hour day. (The following information I got off I then put it in my own words) This information is amazing for those of you who have Non-CFL Light Bulbs this is something I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!The comparison between Non-CFL and CFL Bulbs are money saving. Using any CFL bulb will save you .22 cents a day, 7.50 a month and over a hundred dollars a year! Even simply adjusting your computer monitors brightness, will save you money and bring down your energy bill! Also, having your Mom or Dad install a programmable thermostat will save you over 100 dollars A YEAR!And last but not least my favorite part: Recycling. It’s so easy simply go to your garage or your back yard and see if your community has a GREEN TRASH BIN. This trash bin is for recycle use only. If you do have this Recycle Bin go to your community’s website and see what you can throw in the bin. Each community has different things that can and cannot be thrown into your bin. Read the list carefully! If you don’t have this Green Trash Bin ask a friend if they have the Recycle Bin. If they say yes ask them if you could give them stuff to throw in their Recycle Bin. It’s a nice and easy way to save our economy, our nature, and our Polar Bears. These ways are simple, easy and can even be fun. Any of these things will help end global warming. But not only that, they will save you tons of money. Please do your part and try to help even the smallest things are a step forward. Going Green,Jp.s. The resources I used was information off of


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