Usain Bolt Wins Again


Tony Yin writes, Usain Bolt…

Usain Bolt, the22-year-old Jamaican sprinter wins once again on a fabulous performance in the200-meter after a win in the 100-meter. This young man could be considered theworld’s greatest sprinter now after he crushed yet another group of eliterunners. Bolt is the first man since Carl Lewis to win the 100 and 200 in thesame Olympics. Not only did Boltsimply win gold in these two events, but he also did it both in world recordtime. In the 200, Bolt smashed the previous record of 19.32 seconds by Michael Johnsonin 1996 with his own time of 19.30. His 6-foot-5 frame makes him unusual for asprinter; he is three inches taller than Carl Lewis and two inches taller thanTommie Smith, the sprinters to whom he is most often compared. However, withhis speed, no one will doubt him ever again. Churandy Martina ofthe Netherlands Antilles won the silver. Wallace Spearmon of the United Statesfinished third, but as he began a victory lap while draped in an American flag,he learned that he had been disqualified for stepping into the lane of histeammate Walter Dix. Shawn Crawford, also of the United States, ended up withthe bronze.


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