Block Island- A big block on the beach


Lena N-M writes, A Big BlockI remeber the first time my mom and dad told my sister and I we were going to block island.

A Big BlockI remeber the first time my mom and dad told my sister and I we were going to block island. I was pretty little and I pictured a great black block sitting on the beach. But I was wrong. Location and Getting There Block Island is a very small little Island near New London. The only way to get there is by ferry. Even though the ferry ride is not “fun” its worth it. (Except when you get seasick…ugh…) The next time you in New York or New London check it out! Trust me its worth it! Places To Stay The first couple times we stayed at a place called Dodge Cottage, an adorable little cottage. The first time we were there all we had in our room was a chair, a queen sized bed, and a dresser. And I was not about to sleep in a drawer so we switched rooms. We ended up in a nice but small room with a kitchenette, room for an air mattress, a bed, and a pull out couch which was much nicer. Trust me guys, get the bigger room! One time when we were at Dodge Cottage we ended up in a room with two couches, a queen sized bed, a full kitchen, lots of room for like 5 air mattresses, and get this: A piano! The best part of Dodge Cottage is they serve breakfast and lunch and these things called “nibbles” which are little snacks. Yum! We stayed at Dodge Cottage for couple visits but the past few times we have stayed at various places. This summer we stayed at Bellvue House which was pretty nice. There was a kitchen, 2 beds, a TV, and room for an air mattress. I reccomend trying different places. (HOT TIP-Do not get a hotel room faraway from the beach or near a moped rental place. You will regret it!Food Block Island is famous for their fresh seafood and almost every restaurant serves it. The best place to get seafood is Finn’s. They have a very wide selection. I reccommend exploring. My family usually does that. Thats the best part about Block Island- getting to know the Island.It’s so small and cute you just can’t get lost! For dessert I have great advice that you simply must do! GO TO “THE ICE CREAM PLACE” There is a big white arch that you can’t miss. The smallest size is 3 scoops! Don’t tell your parents that though…..I reccomend getting the cake batter! Dee-lish! Entertainment Well obviously the beach! I love jumping through the waves…. My favorite beach is town beach even if its kind of faraway. Besides the beach you can go shopping. They have a bunch o’ cute lil’ shops that are fun to look at. Also I like to explore and bike around which brings us to our last part……… Getting AroundDon’t bring your car unless your going for more then a week or two. Bring or rent your own bikes. If your feeling really daring you can rent a moped and enjoy the ride while your parent drives…. lalalalalala………. Thanks for reading this guild to Block Island! I hope you found it helpful!