DNC prepares for action


Emma Carroll writes, Outside the Pepsi Center, there is a large red brick building.

Outside the Pepsi Center, there is a large red brick building. It’s been there for a while, but is now home to the CNN Grill. On the side, in bold white letters, CNN=Politics has been painted on and the side facing the Pepsi Center is covered with different definitions of politics. It is a true shrine to CNN and the Democratic National Convention.Inside the Pepsi Center, it’s chaos. Bright signs inside the auditorium light up the venue with the likes of NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and even the Associated Press. And above all, a towering set of screens that show stars and stripes graphics or a larger TV view of what is happening on the stage further enhance the big and bold personality of the convention.Signs and screens, however, are not the only reason it was chaotic on August 22nd.On the 22nd, the DNC invited Colorado schools to come and see the venue prior to the opening of the convention on August 25. Students were able to sit on the floor where the delegates will be seated and listen to Democratic Party Secretary Alice Travis Germond discuss the events of the Convention and the Democratic Party itself. She said that though the entire Democratic Party will not be here for the Convention, all of them would be there in spirit.The Democrats that would be in Denver in the flesh, however, are the some 4,440 delegates, hailing from all 50 states and U.S. Territories, including Guam. The largest delegation being from California, with 503 delegates, and the smallest being from American Samoa, with 13 delegates.And the Democrats aren’t the only ones who will be at work in the upcoming week. Reporters for television and newspapers, cameramen, technicians, secret service agents, and police will be up and at it while the votes are being cast. Construction crews set up 3,000 data lines that will wire the Convention and 2,500 voice grade circuits, along with 43 miles of cables.The DNC might be the biggest stage Denver has been on since the All Star Game at Coors Field over ten years ago. Hotels are booked to the brim and for four days, Denver will become the center of the political focus. It’s a shame that this only happens once every one hundred years!


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