Dr. Seuss for President!


Bailey Cross writes, An idea to end global warming, bring America together, and solve all military problems has finally been suggested.

An idea to end global warming, bring America together, and solve all military problems has finally been suggested. The answer? It’s simple really- make Dr. Seuss president. “Dr. Seuss is the candidate for all ages, a candidate that will make you smile. He will make the world bigger, better, and brighter!” said Bill Dreyer, the Curator of the Art of Dr. Seuss Collection at the Dr. Seuss for President Rally. According to Amanda Lee of Thornton, Dr. Seuss would be a great choice. “Of course Dr. Seuss would make a great president! Just his way with children, his charisma…. Of course he’s dead, but he’s good all around!” “He’s Dr. Seuss! Do I need to say more? If Dr. Seuss was president, we’d have red and blue fish and cats wearing hats! Dr. Seuss would bring a whole new level of fun to America!” said Alicia Marquez of Broomfield. “Dr. Seuss would be better for kids in general. A guy that’s good with kids is good for the country.” said Jesse Caraballo of Northglenn. Not only would Dr. Seuss be better for kids, he would also be better for modern-day politicians. Among the top 30 most popular books suggested by the American public that should be required reading for the candidates for the President of the United States was ” The Lorax”, ” Horton Hears a Who”, ” Oh, the Places You’ll Go” and ” If I Ran the Zoo”, all by Dr. Seuss himself. What about if Dr. Seuss went up against Barack Obama and John McCain? Ryan Chen of Westminster has something to say about that. “Dr. Seuss had a great mind and seemed pretty smart. It’s not exactly my position to say whether a children’s author would make a great president, but he would definitely be way better than the candidates running now.” Ethan Gonzales of Westminster has mixed feelings. “I think that he had an innovative style and was creative and is still well respected. He would defiantly be better than John McCain, but not better than Barack Obama. No one tops Obama.””I had no great causes of interest in social issues until Hitler came along.” Dr. Seuss, aka Theodor Seuss Geisel once said. This fact worried a few, making them think that Dr. Seuss would be a bad choice for president. “Dr. Seuss had bright ideas and he was very artistic and creative, which was a good thing. He seemed like a nice man who would be great in schools and with education. I’m just not so sure about president.” Sharon Huh of Broomfield said. No matter what your opinions are, I think that we can all agree that Dr. Seuss for president would be different.”If you vote for Dr. Seuss you’re gonna laugh more, smile more and have more fun!” concluded Bill Dreyer. “The message I want to leave for the American public is we can do better than this. We must do better than this.” -Dr. Seuss To see old classics and newly released, unexpected artwork from Dr. Seuss in person, visit Gallery One Writer’s Square, Downtown Denver. For more information go to www.galleryonedenver.com.


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