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Jordan Adolph writes, Food something we all love and enjoy.

Food something we all love and enjoy. There are many places in Colorado with great food. It’s unfortunate some people don’t even know they exist. Here is a list of my top3 recommended restaurants!Lolito’s Burritos (Located in Thornton and Denver)Rating:B+ Lolito’s Burritos has great Mexican Food. Their salsa s great but hot, so adults and kids who like spicy food, this is the place for you. They have great enchiladas and I have heard great things about their burritos.They also have dessert.The location in thornton’s address is: 4160 E 128th Ave Thornton,Co. Theaddress in Denver is:l2280 E 90TH Ave., Denver, CO, Santiago’s (Locations: All Over Colorado)Rating: A- Santiago’s is my next favorite. It is also a mexican restaurant. Their enchiladas are THE BOMB and their salsa is just right. Their dessert is o.k. but it’s not like amazing. Their taco’s are average but still really good.And,if you like hot and spicy food this is also a place to go. If you like HOT!!!!! stuff ask for the “hottest green chili”. I’ve never tried the chili myself but if you do please comment an let me know! (Simply research Santiago’s for locations)Red Robin Rating: A+++ Red Robin is (in my opinion) the top restaurant of Colorado! They have great food for all ages. (A special childrens menu for young ones) They also have awesome service. Their waiters and waitresses are amazing, interactive,quick, and fun. I would definitely recommend their soup of the day. All their soups are REALLY GOOD! When you receive your receipt there is a brochure attached (almost 100% of the time). This brochure will ask if you would like to receive special offer e-mails. FILL OUT THIS BROCHURE! It e-mails you offers and coupons and gives you (printable) free* food offers.*All offers and coupons have expiration dates. Look carefully.If you visit any of these restaurants please comment and let me know about your experiences. This is so knowmore views on the restaurants and I can also use your comments in future writing pieces. Please Comment and Rate! (ANYTIME!!!)Food and Fun for everyone,J


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    usually, reviews include if the resaurant is vegetarian or not and are rated with stars, not letter grades. But you did a nice gob

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    Yes, I agree with Vikasini. Yet I like your review. I am interested in more reviews by you.

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