Lights, Camera, Action


Dannika Harris writes, Ready, set, are we ready to go?

Ready, set, are we ready to go? I had the great pleasure to visit the Pepsi Center that is hosting the Democratic National Convention, and in my eyes, YES we are. When I first showed up at the front door of the Pepsi Center, you could feel all the energy and excitement, just to go inside. After inside and ashort walkI am on the main floor. It was nothing like Avalanch game. I think the blue carpet would get in the way. Our guide placed us at the Illinois delegate area to take roll call. Then all of a sudden the large screens came to life. There was red, blue, and white colors all over. The sound system in the Pepsi Center was awesome, you could here it loud and clear. I wonder if William Jennings Bryan, (presidential nominee) knew one hundred years ago, all the new technology there would be. Instead of pen and paper, we now have lap tops with internet to transmit all over the world. We now have CNN, ABC,CBS, NBC,and FOX to get us up to the minute info. I am so happy to have shared the experience oftheDemocratic National Convention set up and Colorado should be proud of all the hard work. Please visit for more facts and info about the Convention.