The Increasing Cost of Health Care


Alan Campbell writes, The Increasing Cost of Health CareWhat if you were involved in a car accident and had no insurance?

The Increasing Cost of Health CareWhat if you were involved in a car accident and had no insurance? When the ambulance comes to the scene of the injury, should it take you to the hospital or leave you at the scene of the accident? I believe the ambulance should take you to the hospital, but if you did not have insurance or a way to pay for the ambulance ride, some might think you should be left at the scene of the accident.One of the most important aspects of this political season should be addressing the increased cost of health care because without some political intervention, the cost of medical insurance will continue to rise to the point where no one will be able to afford it. This article focuses on what has created the health care crisis and why health insurance has become so expensive. Health insurance costs have increased over the years to the point where a great deal of Americans can not afford it and they go without health insurance, and hope that they will not need it. Going without health insurance may be fine until someone has a serious illness or injury. At that point, you find yourself at a hospital emergency room needing immediate treatment. Once you are stable and improving in health, the medical bills begin to roll in, and you have to figure out how to pay those bills.”Health insurance costs are going to increase because the cost of medical care is increasing,” said Sally Vogler, Public Relations Director for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Another factor that my impact health care cost is the fact that the baby boomers are getting older and needing more care. Vogler believes that the government involvement is crucial to solving the health care crisis, but she does not believe that the government can do it alone. “You have to involve doctors, nurses, hospitals, consumers, health insurance companies, politicians and people interested in health care, including office administrators, and employers,” said Vogler. It is important to have employers involved because companies are usually providing insurance for their employees. In fact, “sixty percent of Americans depend on their employer to provide health insurance,” said Ralph Pollock, Director of the Business Health Forum, an organization that conducts focus groups of employees to discuss what types of changes could be made in health insurance.”The number one thing that causes bankruptcy is not having health insurance,” said Pollock. Health insurance is very important and Vogler said, “people with insurance are usually more healthier because they’re getting health care regularly.””In our country, employers do not have to give health insurance and some people don’t take it, but in Europe they say everyone has to have some part of health insurance because it just makes economic sence”, said Pollock. Pollock believes people need to look more at there habits like smoking or eating lots of fast food and then ask themselves should I invest in health insurance or not. “It is amazing that 17 percent of people in Colorado are not insured and its usually the white males between ages 20-29 that either decide not to buy it or do not have enough money. When they decide to take the ski ticket and hit a tree, we have to help them pay for the medical care they received through tax increases.”It is important for Americans to have adequate health care, especially when they are sick or injured. However, to solve the health care crisis and, hopefully to find ways to decrease the cost of health insurance, it will take cooperation from government, businesses and individuals. One group can not solve it by itself.Alan Campbell