Green Frontier Fest


Gabi Curry writes, “In a lifetime…

“In a lifetime, the average American will throw away 600 times his or her adult weight in garbage – leaving a legacy of 90,000 pounds of trash for his or her children” (Recycle America Alliance). Sunday, the Democratic National Convention Committee sponsored the ‘Green Frontier Fest’ at Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Center. Exhibitors gathered to show eco-friendly products such as recycled shoes and clothing made from hemp. There were also ideas to keep your life and home green including hybrid air conditioning using ice energy. Education was also an important theme of the festival. For kids there were eco-friendly carnival games such as a train ride powered by hand cranks, a booth sponsored by the Children’s Museum and the Denver Botanic gardens that featured compost and the tools to search for worms in the compost, and a finger painting station the had all natural made paints. Water stations were plentiful and the music was inspiring. It was the perfect was to way to keep the DNC going green.