Lights, Camera, Action DNC Is Here


Collin Meyers writes, On friday August 22…

On friday August 22, 2008 a few other reporters and I got to go to the Pepsi Center and see what they have done with the place.When I first got thereI was in shock. All over the building there were red white and blue stars. Across from the Pepsi Center where thereused to bean empty building is the all new CNN Grill. On the sides of it there is CNN Politics written and on the side facing the Pepsi Center there is a big star that says CNN and all around it there are definitions of politics. Right as wewalked into the Pepsi Center my mouth dropped. Where there used to be gift shops there are studios. Our guide then took us to where all the delegates would sit. On the way there you are surrounded by wires, wires, and more wires. Then we got to go in. When I walked in I was thinking to my self, how can this be the same place where Carmelo Anthony makes slam dunks. The baskets were gone and even that score board that no one can forget. The stage was surrounded by hundreds of lights and big screans that said Democratic National Convention. Then they had us all sit down and Phil McNamara came on and talked for a bit. He said “We though it was very important for kids to see it first hand.” Then the party secretary Alice Travis Gemonde came up and told us some information about the DNC. She told us that California is the largest delegation with 503 delegates and that the youngest delegate is only 17 years old. I thought is was awsome and a great thing to visit and the best thing any kid could go to for a long time in Colorado and I think any kid would enjoy it and have a fantastic time.