Welcome to Denver, DNC!


Bridget Galaty writes, The DNC is coming to Denver, and everyone is excited.

The DNC is coming to Denver, and everyone is excited. Along with some other youth reporters, I got the privilege to actually visit the Pepsi Center three days before the convention will begin. Just standing outside the arena, you could feel an energy in the air. Many of the roads were blocked off which made it hard to get there. Supposedly, the Secret Service would be coming that night to do a 24-hour security check. In addition, the buildings around the Center were being painted and hung with signs for the different broadcasters, including CNN, FOX, PBS, NBC, ABC and 9NEWS. And, the people!!! I’ve never seen so many energetic people in one place, except maybe for a sporting event. Once inside, it was even more amazing! Besides the expected red, white and blue decorations, there were DNC signs all around. While sitting in the Illinois section, we were able to watch stars flying around gigantic TV screens, and a repetitive, lightedsign down below that kept saying “The Democratic National Convention”. After about half an hour of waiting, some loud music started playing and several speakers came out to talk to us. They told us about the convention and the electoral process, and then we got to vote ourselves on our favorite academic subject. Math won! And, English lost… As we left, I noticed that there were still a lot of workers getting prepared. Supposedly, there are over 42 miles of wiring in the building! But, everyone promised that they would be ready for the DNC by Monday. Good luck!


  1. Great Story!
    Great Story! ONLY ONE ERROR! (NICE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!) The one error was in paragraph 2. “And the people!!!” sn’t a sentence. Combine it with the following sentence. (I’ve never seen so many…etc.)

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