Night of a Lifetime


Bailey Cross writes, If I had to use one word to describe tonight, I don’t know what I would say.

If I had to use one word to describe tonight, I don’t know what I would say. From Edward Kennedy to John Legend, Howard Dean to Nancy Pelosi, President Jimmy Carter to Michelle Obama herself, the entire arena of the Pepsi Center was on its feet time and time again throughout this incredible night. When I first entered the premises of the Democratic National Convention on Monday, August 25, 2008, I was immediately surrounded by members of the Secret Service. We were ushered to a big white tent where everyone had to empty their pockets, set their bags aside to be thoroughly checked and searched, and walk through a series of metal detectors.After getting through all of the security checks, I was finally able to enter the Pepsi Center. After even more security checks to make sure that we really did have credentials to be where we were, I finally entered the Pepsi Center arena itself. I immediately was taken aback by all of the changes. This was no sports arena, no home of the Nuggets, and definitely no home of the Avalanche, unless you count the freezing temperature inside. We found our seats and sat down, watching as delegates from across the country trickled in. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Governor Howard Dean called the Convention to order. A huge applause rose from the crowd as the Colors were presented and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The Colorado Children’s Chorale did an amazing job singing the National Anthem. Speaker, after speaker, after speaker came to the podium, all encouraging support for Obama by sharing their personal stories. After about an hour and a half, Nancy Pelosi spoke about her own story. She talked about being the first woman in a field where only men had been before and how Barack Obama is like her, a black man going where only white men have gone before. Her speech was very inspiring, to say the least.More and more people spoke, their words all becoming blended in my mind. There was one quote though that still sticks out in my thoughts. As John Hickenlooper spoke about Colorado he said, “It doesn’t matter who your parents are. It doesn’t matter who your grandparents are. It matters who you are.” I think that we all need to remember that with this coming election.Again, words and applause filled the air as people spoke about their belief in this country and their belief in Barack Obama. Everyone was pleasantly surprised during one of many short intermissions when John Legend and the Agape Choir sang a touching song about speaking up. Anticipation kept building and building for the final speaker of the night when Caroline Kennedy Schlossburg made a tribute to Edward M. Kennedy. When her speech was over you could feel the energy and electricity in the air. People knew what was coming next. As soon as Edward “Ted” Kennedy stepped onto the stage the entire arena was shaking with chants, applause, and whistling in support.As the night came to a close, the woman that some consider the most important speaker of the night came to the stage. Her name is none other than Michelle Obama. She spoke with such grace, such emotion, such passion, that everyone in the entire arena was touched. I am still in shock as I leave tonight and look back at all of the events that took place just hours ago. I know the one word to describe the events now. That word is life-changing.


  1. What an awesome opportuni…
    What an awesome opportunity for you to be at the DNC! What have you learned about what it means to be a democrat, what Senator Obama considers to be the most important issues of this election, and what the purpose of the DNC is?

  2. Hi bailey!
    Hi bailey!thanks from your new friends at Sedalia Elementary for answering our earlier questions. Here is a new batch from 6S:Is Obama going to pull out of the IRAQ war?Will Obama try to put health care for everyone in place?What will Obama try to do about global warming?Thanks- and have fun tonightPr

  3. Great job, Bailey.
    Great job, Bailey. Your story could not have been better! The pictures are awesome and so is the article. I love everything about it. Wow.Isabelle M

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