A Day in the Park for Delegates


Haley Rogers writes, Delegates from all over the country are visiting Denver for the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

Delegates from all over the country are visiting Denver for the Democratic National Convention (DNC). To thank Denver, many of these delegates participated in Delegate Service Day. At Curtis Park there were delegates and other volunteers from different states planting trees, cleaning up the park, and holding a block party. “The entire country is watching Denver and the convention. This is a way for us to set an example that the environment is a priority, especially for democrats” said Legislator David Mejias from Farmingdale, NY. “If you go green at a young age, you’ll be green for the rest of you’re life” said Mejias. Mejias and many other delegates were planting trees around Curtis Park. A group of volunteers from the gulf coast states, including members of the Equity and Inclusion Campaign from the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation (LDRF), were also planting trees. “This is an opportunity for citizens from the gulf coast to say thank you to Colorado, and the country for helping us during hurricanes like Katrina and Ritta” said Flozell Daniels, President and CEO of LDRF. Service day was organized by co-chairs Michelle Obama, and Colorado First Lady Jeannie Ritter. Delegates did community service at about 30 different locations, in projects from reading to children, to building houses, serving meals and boxing care packages for the military. Some people working on the care packages have members of their family serving in the military, and they are very proud of their military service to the country. Heidi Goeman, Outreach Director of Blue Star Families for Obama, said that the most meaningful part of this service day was to “honor and thank the military family members that also stand in service of their country.” Volunteers encouraged all kinds of community service and had ideas about how kids could get involved. “I think a lot of kids already are involved in community service; when you are active in your schools, you join clubs, you talk to your parents about getting involved. I think kids already do a lot and they don’t get recognized for what they do” said Laura Dempsey, founder and co-chair of Blue Star Families for Obama, also part of the effort to box care packages. With the convention drawing to a close, people are serving their country in one way or another, no matter their age or past experience. The volunteers I saw today all had one goal in mind, to repay the community, something that can inspire us all.