Hillary makes History


Haley Rogers writes, Tuesday August 26, 2008 was the 80 th anniversary of the passing of the 19 th Amendment that allowed women to vote.

Tuesday August 26, 2008 was the 80 th anniversary of the passing of the 19 th Amendment that allowed women to vote. That night Hillary Clinton also made a speech at the Democratic National Convention in the DenverPepsiCenter. Clinton started by acknowledging her supporters, and the goal of putting a women in office. She continued her speech with the focus of unifying the party, and showing her support for Barack Obama. “The time is now, to unite as a single party…We are on the same team” said Hillary Clinton. As I sat in the DNC, listening to Hillary Clinton, I could feel the excitement in the air, the cheering was electrifying. “On election day, think about your children and grandchildren” remarked Clinton.As people poured out of the PepsiCenter it was clear that they had enjoyed the speech. “It was fantastic. We are now a unified party” said Christine Gleichert who was attending the convention. “She came out and said she was behind Obama, and I thought it was wonderful” stated Gleichert.Earlier in the evening I had the opportunity to interview Jennifer Granholm, Governor of Michigan. She was enthusiastic about women in politics. “Women have a great shot at being president one day, and I know that when this happens, little girls will know that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a girl or a boy, you are equally likely to become president” Granholm also believes it is important for all youth to be involved in the government. “Kids will be leaders one day, so getting involved is a wonderful idea” said Granholm.In 1918 it was a historic event when women got the right to vote. Eighty years later Hillary’s presidential campaign brought her very close to becoming the democratic nominee for the highest office in the nation.


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    Haley, I am really impressed with all of the reporting you have been doing. I got onto YourHub to see if you had done any reporting on the DNC. I then saw just how much reporting you have done on such a variety of topics. Your articles are interesting and make some good points, and your photos add a lot. One of my favorite articles is the one about women’s suffrage. You tell about that major change in America very well, and the picture of the book “With Courage and Cloth” is a great one.It must be very interesting and exciting to get to step onto the floor of an event like the DNC. Keep up the good work!Post on behalf of Mr. Converse

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