People Watching At The 16th Street Mall


Dannika Harris writes, This is no ordinary mall, this is Denvers own 16th Street Mall.

This is no ordinary mall, this is Denvers own 16th Street Mall. Usually a place of businessmen and women taking lunch breaks and doing errands. But this week is the Democratic National Convention. My family and I deceided to take the lightrail downtown and experience the mall crowds. When I got off the lightrail you could hereall of people saying how beautiful it looked. And it did! With the red, white, and blue banners and flags at every corner, flowers as far as you can see, and just about eveyone having lunch outside under the umbrellas. We walked down a block and there was a dog with a sign on her that said VOTE OBAMA with a big crowd around her. The next block had a live band at the Virgin records shop. They where giving out free water and energy drinks. Also Google was there giving out slap braclets saying “register to vote”. After that, there was a lady shouting out about bird rights. I asked my mom why she was there and she said we all have the right to say are opinion, and that is what a lot of people are doing here today. As I looked across the street, there was a man with a great big sign about God. It looked like he was yelling at everyone. My mom said “walk a little faster”. We were all getting hungry and we saw a Chillis with outdoor seating, and had lunch. It was great, we could see all the all the police swat and the horse patrol while we ate. At lunch a man came over in a Hawaiian shirt and was trying to campaign for Ralph Nader. We tried to get his name, but the people behind us wern’t to happy to see him there . Finally, it was time to go shopping. What do you get when there is so much to buy? One vender was selling Obama and McCain flip flops, another was selling buttons and more venders had T-shirts. My family had a great time and I hope everyone who had the chance went downtown and saw something of the Democratic National Convention. Hey, if you want the flip flops go to


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