The Zoo at the DNC


Bailey Cross writes, For a National Security Event…

For a National Security Event, you would expect an organized mass of people dressed in business suits, everything being formal. What was found downtown and inside the Pepsi Center was the exact opposite in some cases.Walking up and down the 16 th street mall, the wild, crazy, outstanding, and insane could be seen. Many people were wearing crazy hats, hoping to be noticed. Children waved flags and shouted, “Obama! Obama! Obama!” as their parents pushed them in their strollers. Many people sported shirts crowded with Obama and Clinton buttons. One man was completely dressed up with HUGE sunglasses, a funky vest and fake dreadlocks. Another man with “Trick or Vote” was dressed as a ghost, a white sheet over his head, complete with two holes for the eyes. Methods of transportation were no different. Along with the no-room-to-move-or-breathe shuttle busses, many people walked, roller-skated, and even road bikes; tricked-out bikes that is. The first bike I saw was a code pink bike that I absolutely LOVED! It had fuzzy handlebars, a fuzz seat, a pink basket, and even a pink umbrella to keep you in the shade wherever you went. Throughout the week, I came across more and more strange bikes including a gold, 5-wheeled, $5,000 bike thatthe man spent 1 year working on to bring smiles to the community’s faces. I saw some old fashion bikes covered in Obama/ Biden signs that were almost as tall as the men riding them! Last but not least, who could forget all of the amazing police officers, SWAT teams, and Secret Service members assigned to keeping us all safe. You could seen the men in blue, or in this case black, patrolling by foot, hitching a ride on a van, riding bikes, riding their trusty horses, or even pausing for a picture with me. I think we owe all of the officers a big thank-you! Boy o’ boy am I glad to be out of the zoo.


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