History is Made


Gabi Curry writes, The DNCC kicked of the third night of the Democratic National Convention with a bang.

The DNCC kicked of the third night of the Democratic National Convention with a bang. The nomination process set the tone for the evening. One by one every state shared the numbers of delegates pledged to Barack Obama. Delegates gladly voted for their presidential nominee. The room was buzzing with excitement. Everything went as planned, revealing the majority of the votes for Obama. Following the roll call procedure, Illinois came up and passed the deciding vote to New York, allowing Senator Hillary Clinton to announce that Barack would be the Democratic presidential nominee. Speech after speech, each and every one wowed the crowd talking about health care, bringing home our troops, and life stories. During every speech there was never a dry eye in the house. Bill Clinton kept the Pepsi Center screaming – he could hardly get through his speech when he supported Barack Obama. Beau Biden came to the stage and told everybody about his dad. If you looked around the Pepsi Center you could see teary eyes and people crying because his speech was so touching. Beau left no doubt about how he felt about his father. He truly knew how to give a speech and how to introduce his dad. Joe Biden proudly took the stage to accept his nomination as Vice President. He repeated the Democratic platform while gently criticizing John McCain. As he finished his speech his wife Jill met him on stage and told him that there was someone that wanted to see him. Everyone was on the edge of his or her seat. Thoughts raced through their heads- could it be Obama? No it couldn’t be, but maybe. Right on time Barack Obama walked out and everyone in the room was on their feet, taking pictures, and screaming at the top of their lungs. This was truly a historic, memorable, and exciting night.


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