9 News Health Fair FOR KIDS— InThornton


Jordan Adolph writes, 9 News, I’m sure we all have heard of it.

9 News, I’m sure we all have heard of it. But on Saturday October 11th there will be a new kind of health fair. Instead of having a health fair for only adults…there is now one targeting kids. Now parents, you are welcome to attend but the activities taking place here are mostly for kids. There will be all kinds of different activities and games! One of the games consists of telling apart medicine and candy. It’s up to you to decide! You make the right choice? PERFECT! But if you make the wrong choice in that situation it could be FATAL. (It could even KILL YOU) It’s amazing….the similarities between candy and , medicine. But one thing all these activities have in common is they all teach about health. The event stations also include: proper diet, brushing teeth,fun health facts, immunizations, weight and heigts screenings, ask a nurse questions, andvision and hearing screenings. But these activities aren’t even half of what will be provided.This Health Fair will be located atWest Ridge Elementary13102 Monaco StreetThornton, CO 80602If you need more info on this event please visit http://westridge.sd27j.org/or call the West Ridge Staff at 720-685-5300.The secretary of West Ridge is Leslie Baca and the principal (if needed to contact) is Will Pierce.Be Happy Be Healthy,J


  1. Good job – I think 9news …
    Good job – I think 9news is the best newsstation because they seem like they care the most.

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