Interviewing The great Burny Mattinson


Dannika Harris writes, On August 19th…

On August 19th, 2008 I had the great pleasure and honer to be on a live on-line chat with legendary Disney Animater Burny Mattinson. At the beginning of the chat , Mr. Mattinson said, “Hi Everyone-this is Burny… I’ve been seeing some great questions and looking forward to a great chat.” I was so exsited when the show started. I got to see how Maleficient (the evil which in Sleeping Beauty) was formed. Her head dress first started out as a crown and then it turned into a bug like hat. At last, she looked like the evil villian we all know with the big black devilish horns. I asked Mr. Mattinson,”Did you know your art work would be legendary when you where working on Sleeping Beauty.” He said ” No! We were pleasantly surprised when everybody saw the final print and I think we all felt we made something classic.” Another person asked him “What was the best piece of advice you recived from Walt”. Burny Mattinson said ” When I first met him, it was in a elevator (we only had one elevator on the lot) and I said ‘Good Morning Mr. Disney’ and he said ‘ no son it’s Walt’. He later added another elevator, because the first one was to slow”. One of my most favorite questions asked was ” Which one is your favorite movie you have worked on” he said ” I have very strong feelings for The Great Mouse Detective beyond that Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite to work on”. Burny Mattinson worked his way from the mail room all the way to the top of the Animation Dept. He has worked or helped out with movies like Lady and The Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmations, The Sword In The Stone, The Jungle Book, The Aristocats, Robin Hood, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too, and many other great movies. He also directed Mickey’s Christmas Carol and wrote, produced, and directed The Great Mouse Detective. I would like to thank Mr. Burny Mattinson for the chance to see and chat with.