A City Full of History


Caroline Till writes, Last Summer, my family visited one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the United States.

Last Summer, my family visited one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the United States. Can you guess where we went? You got it, we toured the sensational city of Boston.My trip started around four in the morning when my family piled into the car and drove from my beach house in New York all the way to Massachusets. It was a long, long tedious ride. I selpt, played games, and argued with my three brothers. When we arrived, all of us toured Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox. It was a fifty minute tour that took us just about everywhere in the stadium. We went on top of the Green Monster, in the press boxes, and into the Budweiser section. I thought that one of the coolest places we went was to the original oak seats. These oak seats have been in the stadium since the very first baseball game played at Fenway Park! After the tour, my family went on Freedom Trail. Freedom Trail is a brick trail that goes all over the city stopping at some of the most historic sites is the country. We visited the State Building, Samuel Adams and Paul Revere’s graves, Old City Hall, Paul Reveres House, Kings Chapel, Quincy Market, Fannal Hall, Old South Meeting House,and the beautiful waterfront. While we were walking around the city, we saw something extremely odd. There was a ton of security and police officers. Later we found out that Obamah was in town for a chairity event. We also learned that it was his birthday, but it wasn’t only Obamah’s birthday, it was also my little brothers! After the excitment about Barrack Obamah, we went into Little Italy. In Little Italy, we went into a pastrey shop and got some amazing cookies called pincels. When everyone’s feet began to ache, and we were all hungry, it was time to go to our hotel. When we arrived, everyone relaxed, then we walked around Harvard campus. It was beautiful! I think it was the most wonderful college campus I have ever seen. Finally, we decided to get something to eat. For dinner, we had pizza and a pizza parlor that my cousin reccomended. After dinner, we walked back to the hotel and went to sleep.The next morning, my family had breakfast, then we toured to navy boats. It was pretty cool! After the boats, we loaded up into the car and drove to Providence, Rhode Island. There, we walked around Providence College, where my mom went to school. After about two hours in Rhode Island, it was time to begin our long drive back to New York.My family trip to Boston will always be etched in my mind, Boston is definetly a trip to remember!


  1. Great Job!
    Great Job! Only one errorI saw though…Obama is spelled without an h. its o-b-a-m-a! AWESOME TRIP! I bet it was lots of fun!

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