The Mountains: Part 1—An Amazing Place To Be


Jordan Adolph writes, The mountains are more beautiful than one could ever describe.

The mountains are more beautiful than one could ever describe. There is huge pyramid shaped mountains, large green trees, rolling hills, and quiet vallies and even occasionally… free range cattle or sheep. The towns are small and cute, and the houses explode with colorful flowers. There are stores and shops to fill your every need, but no Malls like in the big city. But one amazing thing is how green the forest floor is. And adding to it all, the rivers run down the copper canyon, rapidly.The sky amazes you with it’s baby blue color and white fluffy clouds. The beauty isn’t the only amazing factor of the mountains. You can’t forget the wildlife roaming free. There’s plenty to see from tiny chipmunks to rarely seen bears. But they’re all there and the wilderness is their home and we can’t forget that. When your in someones home you don’t just throw trash on their floor, you throw it away. The same goes for when you are in an animals home they never did anything rude to you…so why should you be rude to them. Take unwanted trash with you don’t leave it there, an animal will eat it and it will make them sick, or even cause their death. Besides the beauty and the wildlife… the mountains are a great place to be. Their are lots of hiking trails for people of ALL AGES, there are even”special” jeep trails for those of you who own a jeep. But for others who don’t like hiking and don’t own a jeep…there are 4 wheel drive trails. That means ANY KIND of car can access the trail whether you have a Mini-Van or a Honda Prius. Almost any vehicle can ride those kind of trails. (Cars,Jeeps,4-Wheelers/ATV’s,and Dirt bikes)And for all you country people with horses and trailers…there are even trails for you! Simply, call a ranger station for details or look at Trailheads and Maps to see if horses are acceptable.Up in the mountains its not just pretty views, there are Mines,Brooks,Old General Stores, Creeks/Rivers (THAT YOU GET TO RIDE THROUGH!),bridges,and more!!! Call your local ranger station for *details*, J


  1. Wow!
    Wow! One of the best stories I’ve read! Great descriptions, wonderful idioms, and just a beautiful topic to write about.

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