Everest Book 1: The Contest


Mary Anne Porto writes, Everest Book One: The Contest…

Everest Book One: The Contest, by Gordon Korman is about kids from all across the United States that have one thing in common; they all like to climb. Cap Cicero, with a sponsor called Summit Quest, is trying to put the youngest kid ever on Mount Everest. The competition is extreme. When Cap finally decides the 4 kids that are going, unexpected events happen and well…trouble begins. These kids are crazy, brave, and amazing.How will these kids handle the intense weather of Everest? Did Cicero make the right choice? And most importantly, can this mean life or death? I recommend this book to kids age 9-12. Korman does a great job with interesting plot twists and events and I like this book because it’s so exciting and adventurous. Everest Book One: The Contest is part of the Everest Trilogy. This adventurous book is sure to surprise you!