vinnie and Abraham


Holly Anderson writes, “I’m late, art will have to wait.

“I’m late, art will have to wait…” , said Vinnie Ream as she dashed out the door to begin her new job at the post office. The life of Vinnie Ream is told in the biography, Vinnie and Abraham. This page turner was written by Dawn Fitzgerald and illustrated by Catherine Stock. Fitzgerald made me feel as if i were actually standing side by side with Vinnie on her journeys through life. Vinnie and Abraham tells the story of a young lady, Vinnie, and her dream to one day become and artist. While walking the streets of Washington, D.C., she passes by a tall lanky man wearing a black hat. It was none other than the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Her dream became clear in this biography, she wanted to sculpt this man out of clay. After months of politicians badgering President Lincoln, he finally relented and this self-taught artist was given the opportunity to sculpt the president. They met only a few times when tragedy hit…the president was assassinated! Vinnie would not be able to finish her masterpiece. Her dream was shattered, or was it? Months later, Congress voted and passed to have a statue made in honor of the late president. Vinnie decided that she would be fit for the job. However, many girls were forbidden to do jobs that were considered a “man’s job.” Many people believed that girls were meant to serve men, and that was their only purpose and career in life. Will Vinnie be able to convince Congress in the end, and at the same time change the minds of many people about what women are truly capable of doing? If you are a Civl War fanatic and love historical fiction…then you will love this book! Open the book to find out if Vinnie Ream’ s dreams become a reality!


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