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It's an exciting time for City of Ember fans. The fourth and final book in the Jeanne DuPrau's young-adult series, The Diamond of Darkness, was just released on August 26th. If the idea of never reading a new Ember book saddens you, or if you just can't get enough of the series, don't worry. There's a movie coming out, and you don't have to wait long; it hits screens October 10th! And if you have trouble with that wait, well then, I've got a couple of ideas to help you cope, beyond re-reading the entire series again.


First off, watch the trailer, because it's epic. The preview for Gil Kenan's film adaptation never exactly tells us what's going on, but that doesn't matter; the visuals are astounding, and in just two minutes, the viewer gets an amazing sense of atmosphere; a creepy, unsettling atmosphere that I'd be happy spending two hours marveling at. No, the plot isn't laid out for the viewer in this trailer, but it doesn't need to be; visuals and dialogue snippets tell us enough. The mere presence of Bill Murray, an increasing rarity these days, is enough to make me buy a ticket. That's the mark of an effective trailer; it makes you want more.


So if you've read the books, and watched the trailer, and are still anxious for the film, then here's another suggestion: embed the Widget onto your desktop. A widget? What's that?Actually, it's kind of hard to describe, because a Widget does many things. Essentially, a widget is a piece of web code that you can download and embed onto your computer desktop. They connect to the internet and receive updates without you ever having to open your web browser. They usually contain a few different types of activities to do, all of which get you into the experience of whatever the Widget is promoting. Perhaps the most important role a Widget plays is that it connects fans across the globe in an interactive environment.


The City of Ember widget is a good one, and should keep you busy until the movie hits theaters. The widget is themed in the visual style of the film, and fans of the book should have fun noticing all the visual references to the fictional universe. The main screen of the Widget is the trailer; if you like the preview, then this will be one of your favorite features, because you'll be able to view it right from your desktop without opening the web browser. If you click on the News tab, you'll have instant access to the latest news. Interviews, new images, etc. It's there to view, and if you want to read more about any piece of news, you can click on it, opening the web browser to take you to the full story. Things get really cool with the Underground tab. The plot of City of Ember revolves around an underground city, which is a fascinating concept. In this section of the widget, you can learn about real life underground phenomenon. You can click through pictures of these locations, and click on the location to learn more (you are taken to a web page); there's tons of pictures for each location, all of them amazing to look at


.I already talked about how Widgets are used to connect fans, and the Widget Map section is a perfect example. Whenever anyone embeds the Widget onto their desktop, a light is added to the "generator." Basically, the map is a world view where you can view how many other people have downloaded the widget, and where they are on the globe. It's a cool feature that links fans together wherever they are. Like everything else on the Widget, it is themed in the style of City of Ember, acting like the "generator" from the story.


Widgets are a cool way to get into the experience, and they exist for many other properties, not just City of Ember. If you're a fan of the books and are eagerly anticipating the film, then the Widget is a must-have. You can sample the Widget and embed it to your desktop from this web address; But always remember to check with your parents when downloading something. Also remember to read the new book in the series, The Diamond of Darkhold, and don't miss the movie when it hits theaters October 10th!


What are your thoughts on the series, the movie, or the widget? Do you know of any other cool widgets kids should check out? Use the comment feature to tell us about them! To read other reviews that Jonathan has written, go to Blog Url:


  1. Good job!
    Good job! It was a little long – you could condense it – but you did a great job. This series used to be my favorite series and I cannot wait until the movie comes out!

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