The Ultiminte Expirence


Holly Anderson writes, Denver Colorado- On Sunday the 24th of August there was a huge event to show us…

Denver Colorado- On Sunday the 24th of August there was a huge event to show us, the citizens of Colorado, the past presidents life and expectations of thier precidency. I awoke to a sunny, hot morning as we just about bulted out the door to get to the Presidential Expirience at Invesco Field. As we made our way to the event we saw many cars parked outside of the event. “This is a once in the lifetime oportunity for our city to hold. ” I heard many participants say as we waited in the line to enter the tent that had all of the objects that our past held. As we got to enter the white tents our eyes adjusted to the light when we began seeing all sorts of objects. A class case held old time presidential pins for many people to hand out, hoping that their friends would vote for that canidate. “All the way with LBJ” read a pin from the present time. Along with the pins there was also an umbrella and a few napkins that had extravigant pantings and also sayings. Near the glass cases there was a record of all the presidents lined up in the order that they were presidents. Each president had their own pannel that gave basic information such as, when they were born, when they died, termin office, party (democrat or republican), vice president(s), and also first lady/ family. On these pannles it also gave facts like how much they got paid per year. Next was the replica of the Oval Office. In the remade room I looked around and there was many pictures of privious presidents, china plates and bowls, a love seat and an armchair, a marble fireplace, and of coarse the desk where the president does his job. While the line gew to see the replica of AirForce One i hoped into it. AS i finnaly got to go inside of it we saw of of the control pannels skattered about to fly the plane but also to keep the president saff on his journey. In the presidents quarters there was a desk for him to work and a laptop. There was also maps of the world and, just like any other plane, emergency exits.Last but not least we saw the Lincoln library which was stationed in a semi truck just outside of the tent. In the semi i saw a bible opened to a spesific verse that read, ” If a house is divided agenst itself it cannot stand.” ( Mark 3:25) This was an inspiring passege to him from the Bible.(Many other things were at the Presidential Expierience but those were the main things that struck me the most and inspired me the most to tell you about.)Go check this event out at


  1. Great story!
    Great story! Just a few minor spelling errors, but nothing major. Love all the detail. Lucky you! You got to go to Invesco Field to see some delegates!

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