If I had One Power it would be…


Isabelle Aboaf writes, If I had One Power it would be.

If I had One Power it would be… If I could have one super power, it would be being able to flip something around into making it the opposite. For example, I could flip global warming and doing terrible jobs to doing excellent jobs about global warming. Also, if I painted a terrible painting, I could flip it around and make it the best and most famous painting ever. The reason why I would choose this super power would be because if I am unhappy about something and really wish it were the opposite way, I would be able to do that. Also, it could be fun. Say you planted a sunflower seed in your backyard. You watered it every day and gave it plenty of sunlight. But it never grew. I could walk right over and change it into the largest plant on Earth. In some ways though, it would be a tragedy to gain this power. If your sibling had the super power, and you were making fun of them, they would make fun of you. If you got a good grade and someone changed it to a bad grade, that would be terrible, wouldn’t it? Say you were in perfect health, and someone made you really sick. I would never want that. This particular super power could help or change the world by helping it resolve problems that we have caused. If there were a war going on, we could flip that right back and have peace in the world. Gas prices were really high, but we could change them so that they were really cheap. Mistakes could be made into good deeds. It would be simple! All you had to do was stare at what you wanted to change and BOOM! It would happen. To come to a conclusion about this super power, in a way we would get tired of it. Everything would go our way, and wouldn’t that eventually get boring? According to me, life has to throw you little issues that will form your life. But for the most part, this would be an excellent super power to have. But with so many different kinds of super powers going on right here, life would be pretty interesting, right?


  1. Good story idea…
    Good story idea, if I could have one power it would be the ability to read minds… keep writing!!! :0)

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