The Amazing Country of China


Susan Cheng writes, While everyone in Denver…

While everyone in Denver, Colorado and people in all of America came to the Democratic National Convention for a once-in-a-lifetime chance, I was halfway around the world experiencing a different once-in-a-lifetime chance. The Olympics. On August 14, 2008, I flew to Beijing, China. Once we arrived, we checked in at a hotel that is owned by one of my mom’s friends. Her friend did us a favor and had us pay less. Even then, it still cost 400 Yuan ($59.00 U.S.A. dollars). Then we settled in before actually seeing a game.On August 16, 2008, we saw our first Olympic game. I was so excited! Unfortunately, it was during the afternoon and that’s night here, so I got pretty tired since I wasn’t even close to recovering from jet lag. Anyway, the game we were lucky enough to see was men’s volleyball. We actually got to watch two games. Siberia won the first one and Italy won the second. It was amazing to actually see the Olympic Games. Two days later, I saw the women’s semi-final soccer game from 9:00-12:00 pm.U.S.A. won. While we were at Beijing, we also visited three temples, one for Buddha gods, one for Confucius, and a very advanced college used a long time ago. We also visited the Beijing Zoo and went to the Olympic Green. We stayed at Beijing for five days then left to the province, which is like a state, Yun Nan by plane.Going to China wasn’t all about the Olympics; it was also to see China. My mom and I chose to go to Yun Nan because of all the ethnic groups there. Ethnic groups are like different cultures that have different clothes, styles, and traditions. I found the traditions the most interesting because of the unique things they do. We went with a tour group to ease the planning. Plus, the tour group knows what they’re doing. But, they also do a lot of shopping. The good thing was my mom and I got jade bracelets that should be authentic. We saw a bunch of cool things like amazing rock structures and where different ethnic groups lived.Another reason why we came to China was to see my grandparents. My grandparents live in a small apartment in Hunan. While I was there, I didn’t have much to do, so I looked to see what was on television in China. It was a good time since it was the gap between the Olympics and the Paralympics, so I got to see what was on usually. What I noticed the most was when I looked at kids’ channels, they weren’t about using skills in life like it is here, but about learning English! I was surprised because here I never saw any programs about learning Chinese, or any other language!On our last two days in China, we toured my mom’s hometown, Xinhua County, Hunan Province. There we got to see a really pretty cave called Mei Mountain Dragon Palace. They had names for the different sites like Dragon’s meeting area, King Dragon palace and more. You even get to ride a boat to see some places.On September 5, 2008, we flew back to San Francisco and then to Denver. After this visit I will always remember what a great country China really is.


  1. That’s amazing!
    That’s amazing! China is an awesome country – I am currently hosting a Chinese exchange student. You are so lucky you got to go! I will go next year some time, I hope.

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