Autumn is Here!


Isabelle Aboaf writes, Autumn is coming.

Autumn is coming. Do you know when it starts? Well, for your information, it started on September 21, 2008. This date is also called the “Fall Equinox”, the day when night and day are equal in length. But enough with the dates and numbers, let’s get started!Whenever I know fall is coming, I see leaves start to change in color. Some leaves turn burgundy, others turn golden. Some like to turn yellow. Some become red. And when these leaves start to change color, I know fall has started. Have you ever been in the mountains and driven by a huge field of Aspen trees, and gazed at the stunning colors? They are good enough to be on a painting! You can see fall in so many different ways. Fall is a wonderful season that just looking at it can be entertaining. I could sit outside all day and still would enjoy every moment of it.Another sign that autumn is here are the aromas you can smell. Whenever I walk in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, I smell the fragrance of turkey and mash potatoes on the stove. I smell fresh, clean, crisp air that reminds me that fall is here. Fall is the last time when you can barbeque. I smell the hot dogs and baked beans before telling myself, “I have to wait until another year to do this!” You can smell all sorts of unique things whenever fall is here.Did you know that you can taste fall? Drink the hot, luscious cocoa and tangy, but sweet, cider. The marshmallows taste so feathery on your tongue. Isn’t your mouth watering already? You can taste the pumpkin pie, the corn, and the Colorado grown peaches!Fall is here! I can hear it, I can. Fall starts right off like a sling shot rubber band. Listen carefully and maybe you’ll hear, the leaves floating off the trees. Then, leaves lay on the grass, all alone. Listen to the autumn winds whipping through the sky, and the hail tickling your roof. I hear the laughter of children as they jump and amuse themselves with crunchy leaves. And finally, you hear your teeth chattering because it’s getting very cold!Have you ever felt autumn? Well, I have. Touch your cold little toes. Feel the warmth of your house after you walk in. Snuggle into the warmth of your bed and your long-sleeved pajamas when you go to sleep. Feel the wind blowing past you when you hurry to school.Hey, what did you know? I think I feel winter already!