Democratic National Convention- – What’s going on?


Isabelle Aboaf writes, DNC, the Democratic National Convention, is coming to Denver tomorrow.

DNC, the Democratic National Convention, is coming to Denver tomorrow. That means that in almost 100 years, Denver has stood alone and has, for a long time, never held a convention. This year’s convention is supposed to be the greenest, most amazing convention ever. First, I asked my neighbor what she thought about the candidates running for president this year. “They both have good qualities and bad ones, so Mccain may win and so could Obama. I think Obama will win because when I’m inside my car, I see lots more bumper stickers with Obama ’08 on them. It’s interesting though, I haven’t seen any Mccains yet.” -Kathleen S., 9, Denver, Colorado said.Next, I asked her about the “Freewheeling Bike Sharing Program”. I was wondering if she thought people were honest enough to return the bikes back. The Freewheeling Bike Sharing Program is a community system that Denver is introducing for the DNC. Bike racks will be placed in several destinations around the city, and people use credit card or purchase a Bike Card that enables them to pop a bike out of the slot. Chips will be planted to make sure that they’re not stolen. “Well, probably yes. There are some bad people out there who aren’t honest enough.”-Kathleen S., 9, of Denver, Colorado said. “For most people, the system could become normal. Gas prices are getting higher and higher, so bikes, scooters, and motorcycles I’m guessing are going to become pretty normal, everyday things.”To conclude everything up, Mccain and Obama are close in votes. In fact, some people say this is the most amazing and incredible presidential race in history! Please excuse the publishing date! I ment to publish this before the convention in Denver. I forgot to publish! Uh-oh. Please just enjoy the story anyway!


  1. Good job…
    Good job, except for one thing; DNC stands for the Democratic National Convention, not the Denver Convention. 🙂

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