Getting Lost


Orion Pilger writes, Normal0MicrosoftInternetExplorer4″Oh my God…

Normal0MicrosoftInternetExplorer4″Oh my God, I’m so bored,” I thought as I was dragged around the boring supermarket by my mom.. As you can tell, this is called a shopping day. I dread it and it is SO annoying!!! It usually takes two hours or more! That is what is happening.”Uuuuuhhhh!!! I hate this,” I said out loud. “Well, I don’t like this any better than you do Orion,” my mom said “Now let’s hunt and kill so we don’t have to stay very long.” For five more minutes I slumped around the store with my mom who was looking for grocery supplies.”Aaahhgg,” I complained again.”Ya’ know what? I’ve got a great idea! How about you go find some stuff on the list, Orion,” my mom exclaimed sarcastically “Go get Corn Puffs and bring them back to me.””Okaaayy…what aisle are the Corn Puffs in?””Aisle eight.””Okay. bye,” I said as I slowly strolled to isle eight, keeping an eye on my mom and sister. When I walked into aisle eight I looked for the Corn Puffs. But when I was finished, my mom and sister were nowhere in sight!”Where are they,” I asked myself “Where are they?!?!!” I ran up and down the front area looking for them. “Oh my GOD,” I screamed in my head “WHERE ARE THEY??!!?!” At this point I was as freaked out as you could possibly be. I hated this feeling! I started thinking I would never see them again. I thought I would have to live alone! With no family, no food, no water, no education (school), and no home!!!Suddenly, my life that I had with my family and friends so far started to flash before my eyes. I was so afraid! What if someone kidnapped me? What if I could never find my mom and sister ever again? There were so many frightening questions running through my head!Then, shattering my scary train of thought, I realized I was way closer to my mom and sister than I had thought I was. I realized I depended on my mom for helping me, feeding me, and pushing me to excel. I also recognized that my sister was a good companion for me to take lessons from and have as a friend. I decided if I ever found them again, I would not take them so much for granted.I was so sad and fearful that I actually started crying! I cried and cried and cried. Finally, after lots of panicking and crying I saw them. I sprinted to them and stood behind them, as glad as ever. I had learned a very valuable lesson that day and the lesson is don’t ever take your family for granted because they are your caretakers! It is very nice to go through life with them helping you.


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