Summer Fun At Summerset Festival


Dannika Harris writes, “Say goodbye to Summer” was the word at the Summerset Festival.

“Say goodbye to Summer” was the word at the Summerset Festival. The event was at Clement Park in Littleton, Colorado. There was so much to see in only three days. (Sept. 12th, 13th, and 14th) On Friday, we got the honer to see the Colorado Balloon Club put up their hot air balloons and do a night glow. Wow, I think there was about 9 of them. We also had a free concert on Friday night, it was Chris Daniels and the Kings, and they were great. At the end of the night we had a treat, a Fire Works show. Can you believe seeing fireworks in September. Bellco Credit Union did a great job on providing the fireworks. On Saturday morning, you could see a line of old cars making their way to the park. It was the biggest car show I ever saw and it was sponcered by the Mustang Club. They said there was over 600 classic cars and old trucks. They even had old tractors.There were so many people looking at the old cars you could bearly walk through it. My uncle Scott said,” I have never saw so many muscle cars in one place at the same time”. He was very happy. Next my brother, Tommy and I went over to the Sheriffs Safety Fair and got to see how to get out of a burning house safely. They also talked to us about stranger danger. I got to go into a police car and my brother sat on a police motorcycle. It was a beautiful Saturday night and the Nacho Men had a live free concert. On Sunday morning there was a fishing derby, we did not make it over to try it out, but some kids said they had a great time. We did get to go see a lot of Arts and Craft booths. They had everything I wanted, like tye dye shirts, doll clothes, beautiful paintings, and a duck store. There was a lot of people giving out free things so you might come to their stores and buy stuff. Mr. Biggs was there letting kids play in there huge jumping castle and giving out free toys. At the end of the park ,there was a dog agility course and a lot of dogs were there. They had to run over fences, retrieve a ball and run back. There was three big dogs and one little dog on a team. It was fun to watch them. Summerset Festival at Clement Park was a great event to “Say goodbye to Summer.” I would like to thank all the volenteers for the help they did at the park and everyone else who made it a fantastic festival.


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