The Adventures of Beary-Bear 3


Orion Pilger writes, It was 12:00.

It was 12:00. Midnight. Beary-Bear was sound asleep in his cabin’s bunk bed with his brother Baby-Bear. Since the last battle he had triumphed in (the one with Flap the evil dog) he had been moved to a camp. This camp was built for him only, to have as a reward for so many battles won and so many times saving people and the world. But still that didn’t mean the camp was safe from any evildoers.Little did Beary-Bear know, just outside his cabin two shadowy figures were sitting. One was in direct moonlight, so you could see him clearly. The other was hidden behind the shade of an oak tree. “It is almost 1:00,” said the one behind the oak tree. “Oooh! That means it is time for my midnight snack,” the one in the moonlight said. Then the one in the moonlight teleported. This transport was not smooth though. As he teleported, there was a slight two second earthquake, which is enough to wake Beary-Bear up and make him suspicious.Back in the cabin, Beary-Bear glanced at his alarm clock. It read 12:47.He wondered “What on earth would someone be doing at 12:47 P.M.?” But he casually rolled out of bed, tip-toed over to his clothing drawer, and took out his favorite adventure clothes careful not to wake up Baby-Bear. He slipped on his fresh clothes, took off his pajamas, and crept over to the door of the cabin.At this instant, the badguy that had transported earlier transported back. He appeared in the moonlight with a huge stack of pancakes, pizza boxes, egg cartons, bananas, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Then he started gorging himself on the food. Beary-Bear walked out of the cabin to see this. He knew he should have been quiet but he couldn’t help it. He burst out laughing. By now the moonlight guy had finished eating and the figures were both glaring at Beary-Bear. As Beary-Bear took a breath he noticed this. “Oh man,” he said under his breath. The one in the moonbeams jumped at Beary-Bear. Beary-Bear tried to make out who it was but it was someone he had never seen before. Suddenly the badguy slammed into Beary-Bear sending him flying into the other evildoer. As that badguy stood up he said “Remember me?”Indeed Beary-Bear did. He was Smartin, a baddy Beary-Bear had fought as a teenager. “How did you get out of that unbreakable ice sh-” “Hush. I will make this easy and painless if you follow my instructions,” Smartin interrupted. “Fine,” Beary-Bear muttered. “Hey boss, look what I found,” the other creep said as he held up a wad of money. “No. Put that back Ram. It belongs to Beary-Bear,” ordered Smartin. “Okay boss,” Ram replied sadly. “Now Beary-Bear,” Smartin said “Just climb into this shoot.” “Gotcha,” Beary-Bear said. Suddenly a tube leading into the ground appeared. It was on the ground so you would have to crawl to go into it. Beary-Bear slowly crawled into the tube and found himself sliding down it like it was a slide. When he finally came to the end, he landed on a couch. Standing up, he realized it was a graveyard he was standing in. The only common thing he saw there was the couch and the shoot he came down. Then Smartin and Ram came through the tube and landed on the couch. “Don’t worry Beary-Bear. We’ll make it quick. And soon you’ll be one of them,” Smartin exclaimed, pointing in the direction of the graves.**TO BE CONTINUED**


  1. That’s my Beary Bear.
    That’s my Beary Bear. When are you going to do more stories?

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