A True Friend


Jordan Adolph writes, A true friend, unfortunately not many of us have one.

A true friend, unfortunately not many of us have one. What do I look for in a true friend, well, lots of things. True friends are ones that you can tell practically anything to. They listen and not just pretend to. They understand and do their best and even at times take matters into their own hands. Many people say a true friend is someone you have lots in common with. That’s not true. You don’t have to have anything in common to be a friend. You can be a friend to stranger by smiling at them. You don’t have to know someone to be a friend. You don’t have to know them since kindergarten to be their best friend. Think about it, remember when you were in Pre-K, when you were someone’s best friend just because you wanted to use their 56 pack of crayons? I sure do, and unfortunately our world isn’t like that anymore. In our world, not many true, honest friends exist. A key part in a true friend is honesty. You have to be able to trust your best friend forever; you have to trust that they’re true to their word. A best friend is someone that is a good secret-keeper. You can tell them almost anything, and if you get in a fight, you can trust that they won’t tell a soul. Even though temptation plays a dramatic role in schools today, you can know and feel confident, that you’ve got that unique friend, that only comes around every so often. I’m proud to say that I’ve got that unique friend that’ll “be there till the end” as Miley Cyrus sang in her hit song “True Friend”. I will keep her name anonymous just in case she wants to keep it a secret, but she does work for this newspaper like me. Writing brought us together, in a small group in our 5th grade classroom. We found out many things about ourselves, loving to write made us come together. True Friends Comment On My Stories (laughs), J P.S. if you’d like go on a mission to figure out who my true friend is please find out and report back to this story. Comment on who you think it is! She has published on this site before! (Just recently HINT HINT)


  1. I completely agree with you.
    I completely agree with you.Is your “true friend” Holly Anderson?

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