Ranch Camp- A little something for everybody


This summer I attended JCC Ranch Camp. And can I just say I can't wait to go back!


This summer I attended JCC Ranch Camp. And can I just say I can't wait to go back!


A Bit About It  JCC Ranch Camp is a sleepaway camp designed for Jewish kids of different genders and ages. Even though we do Jewish things and most kids are Jewish they are kids of other religions. It is in Elbert, Colorado.


Getting There You get picked up at the JCC. Some kids fly in and some kids have their parents drive them. The busses are really nice with TVs, bathrooms, footrests, the whole shebang. That is the nicest part of camp.


Cabins There is a boys village and a girls village. In the center of each village there are bathrooms. You are put with kids of the same gender and age in a cabin. You also get a sister cabin and a brother cabin who are different cabins that are the same age as you.


Food Like most sleepaway camps, Ranch Camp does not have delicious food, but it is edible. For breakfast if you don't like what they are serving you can always have cereal, and at lunch and dinner there is a salad bar and a peanut butter and jelly stand. There is dessert after dinner which is soo yummy! We had apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, custard with chocolate chips, and ice cream. Yum! There is also a snack during the day, and in the afternoon you get canteen which is where you get to pick one sweet thing.


Activities This is the best part about Ranch Camp. To name a few activites there is canoeing, mountain biking, high ropes and zipline, writing, theater, Israeli dancing, Israeli culture, pool, nature, corral, archery, reading, and yoga. During the day you also have menuchah which is Hebrew for rest. This is a time to read, make lanyards, write letters home, and sleep. There is also cabin time where everybody plays game, chitchats, and just hangs out with their friends. Every night there is an evening activity which varies from Capture the Flag, to a art project that the whole camp does together.


Parties At Ranch Camp there are a lot of parties. There is usually one concert where some counselors sing and play instruments and everybody dances. There is always at least one camp dance. For camp dances there is a DJ and a dance and a lot of really good food! There is usually one for the younger kids that is earlier and has different music, rather then the older kids one which is later and has older kid music. If you are lucky enough to be there for the fourth of July there is a huge bash. Everybody swims in the pool, there are slip n' slides, hot dogs, and coke and mento fireworks. There is also raids that you do to your brother or sister cabin. You wake them up in the middle of the night and sometimes everybody goes swimming, watches movies and eats junk food, and sometimes we just stay up and talk.


Counselors All the counselors at Ranch Camp are so nice! You will get a general counselor, a SIT or a WIT ( staff in training and wrangler in training) You will also get "specials" counselors who teach some of the many activities.


Miscellaneous A couple things you should know about Ranch Camp is that there are a lot of dogs running around. If you are uncomfortable around dogs just ignore them, and the dogs won't bother them. But I recommend playing with them! They are all so sweet!


Ranch Camp is so much fun! Check it out!


  1. that is a great storie!
    that is a great storie! I can realy visuolise that awsome camp! i would go there right now if I could.Grace10 years old

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