Beverly Hills Chihuahua


Jacy Ericson writes, Let’s be honest…

Let’s be honest, everybody loves puppies, and the main character, Chloe, is the perfect definition of a puppy everyone will love, even though she’s full grown. Chloe is used to the life of a Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which means diamonds, spas, and designer doggie outfits with matching booties, but when her owner, the head of a huge cosmetics company, leaves town for 10 days she is left in care of Rachel, who views Chloe as spoiled and demanding. When Rachel decides to leave town to party with her friends in Mexico she takes Chloe along, which turns out to be a big mistake. When Chloe gets lost she finds friends that she would never have expected and discovers a whole new life that she never would have dreamed of. Through Chloe’s adventures in Mexico she discovers that she is more than just the arm candy dog she was raised to be, and she comes from a breed of “tiny but mighty” pedigree. Meanwhile, back home in Beverly Hills, the gardener and his dog, Papi, fly to Mexico to help Rachel search for Chloe. Papi thinks of Chloe as his “corason” or his heart, so he will do anything to bring her back home with him. Papi also has some of the funniest lines in the movie, when told that there is nothing else to do to help the search for Chloe he declares “We are mexi-cans, not mexi-can’ts.” His one-liners had the whole theatre laughing. Before the final credits roll Disney has a great message saying that all dogs deserve a great home and that before adopting a dog please realize that it is a lifetime commitment and please be prepared. The targeted audience was ages 5-11, however it will also make adults and teenagers smile. This cute animal comedy is a great family night out for a kids and adults activity. I would reccomend it to dog lovers everywhere.