The Debate- Broken Down


Rachel O’Connor writes, Today in Social Studies, my class had a very deep discussion about the debate last night.

Today in Social Studies, my class had a very deep discussion about the debate last night. We have been following thecandidates closely, and we broke down the debate from our point of view. (PLEASE NOTE: MOST PEOPLE IN THIS CLASS ARE DEMOCRATS. WE ARE NOT OFFENDING REPUBLICANS! We just broke down the debate to see who came out the winner.)Class:We are Mrs. Rask/Goldman’s* 7th Grade Social Studies Class, Period 2.The DebateFred*: We are gathered here today to discuss last night’s debate. Rules and Conditions: No physical contact. No making fun of the other party. Keep it pretty clean. Please repeat the following oath: ‘ I promise to keep the discussion clean and fair. I will not make fun of anyone else. I promise, to the principal of this school, that we will be civilized and repectful.’ Class: *repeats oath*(We do this becuase some arguments get pretty heated)Fred: Okay, who want to speak first?Jacob*: I will. Fred: Go ahead.Jacob: Okay. I speak as an undecided. I watched the debate last night, and I studied the politeness of both candidates. If the debate was judged by politeness, Obama would win for sure. McCain called Obama “That one” when referring to him, would not listen to Obama when he spoke, and was a bit angry for the whole thing. Also, McCain would not shake Obama’s hand at the end! He gave Obama his wife’s hand! That is very disrespectful. I declare, from my point of view, Obama won. Fred: I will give Obama one tallymark. *scribbles tally onto notbook paper*Who’s next, then?Julianne*: I will go. Fred: Alright. Julianne: I speak as a Republican. I watched the debate in full last night. I am a republican, and I think that McCain won. He made several strong points in his speeches, and he made sure to talk about the things we need. Yes to offshore drilling,yes to nuclear-Kelly*: OBJECTION!Fred: On what terms?Kelly: I just have my own opinion to uphold, Fred. I am a democrat, yes, and I am a strongdefender on my opinions about pollution! We already have enough global warming going on, and drilling for oil will only make it worse! We need to use alternative energy! See, global warming-Joshua*: OBJECTION!!!!Fred: On what terms?Joshua: Same as Kelly! Global warming is nothing but a myth! The Earth can’t get hotter! It’s imposs-Kelly: No, Joshua! Look on the internet! Ice caps melting! The sea is getting warmer! Coral reefs are dying! The ozone layer has holes! Global warming is tru-Joshua: It happens every so often! Droughts occur naturally! The Earth can adapt! We can’t do anything about-Kelly: JOSH! You speak as though everything will turn out right! You SUV driving, filthy-Joshua: You hybrid driving, tree-hugging-Fred: Objection! Joshua and Kelly, you are restricted from talking for 5 minutes. Julianne, you may finish.(See what I mean by heated?)Julianne: …And McCain did a wonderful job. McCain is the winner!Fred: Okay. *puts tally next to McCain* Who is next?Jackie*: I will go.Fred: Okay. Go ahead:Jackie: I declare Obama the clear winner. Not only was McCain rude and angry, but he did not talk about the economy enough. I speak as a democrat, and as a poor person. My dad has been laid off since March, and look. I can’t afford new shoes, so I have to put cardboard in my old ones to keep them wearable. *holds up foot* I watched the debate when I went to my uncle’s house. So, anyway, I declare Obama the winner. Fred: *scratches a tally mark next to Obama’s name* Who is next?Kelly: Can I talk now?Fred: sure. This is how the discussion continued until the bell rang. Obama was the class winner, 15 to 3. 7 people were undecided or didn’t care. I hope you enjoyed reading this- I thought you might find it cool that all we do in Social Studies anymore is argue. :)* = Names were changed to protect all individuals.


  1. Well-written.
    Well-written. I like how your or your friends expressed their opinions very thoroughly. What kind of a picture might go well with this story?

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