Business Hands-On For Students at Young AmeriTowne


Christiana Holladay writes, Young AmeriTowne teaches kids about businesses and much more.

Young AmeriTowne teaches kids about businesses and much more. We worked at the newspaper shop. After lunch, we went around town and sold newspapers for $1. We made sure it was good quality for our customers. We were also very polite to our customers. AmeriTowne is located at 3550 East First Avenue, Denver (303) 321-2265. For four months we had to study and work hard for this fun field trip for the entire fifth grade of Saddle Ranch. First, we had to take a pretest to find out how much we knew about businesses. For instance, one question was: To run a business successfully a) Employees should work together as a team b) The manager should do everything herself c) Employees should come and go as they please d) The accountant should not pay expensesWe also had to look at all the jobs in the want ads to see which one we wanted to pick. When you pick your job, I picked newspaper, then you look at all the specific jobs for that shop, for instance, we had a manager/editor, reporter (which I was), typist/ad agent, or accountant. A few parents and teachers at the school came into all three classes and took people out to interview them for their job. Of course, some people didn’t get their job, but some people did, like me. Those that didn’t get their job were still happy. We dressed up and practiced for the interview. My interviewer was a teacher at school and she asked me a bunch of questions like the last question at the end was “Is there anything you want to add?” I brought in a portfolio of my newspaper articles from I think it made a big difference. When we got to the building, its was a working bank so we had to go upstairs to Young AmeriTowne. When we went in through the two doors there were 17 stores including: bank, college, town hall, tv station, investment company, newspaper, medical center, travel company, containers, snack shop, warehouse, technical services, parts and service, market, radio station, and a sign & print shop. The group sat down in the middle of town and we were given our directions for the day, then we all went off to our shops and got ready for the AmeriTowne ceremony. The ceremony started and the mayor, Emma read her speech and read the silly laws we made up and she cut the ribbon for the beginning of AmeriTowne. The silly laws were: 1. When you go up to a police officer say “dude, I didn’t do it” 2. When you pass the snack shop say “yum yum in my tum” while rubbing your belly 3. When you pass the bank say “cha-ching, money in the bank” We went to our shop and scheduled our breaks. Everyone went on break from newspaper except for me. I started to work. My responsibilities as a newspaper reporter were to go around and interview people, take a picture of the ceremony, add a caption, then write a story about the ceremony. I asked “What do you think about your job?” and Vanessa Stapleton (photographer for the college) said, “Very fun”. Erin Reagan (college President) said, “I really like it”. Makenzie Fairchild (graphic artist for the sign and print shop) said, “Pretty cool.” I had a fun and educational experience from Young AmeriTowne, the best field trip in the world.


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