But I Want That Song!!!


Elana Neiley writes, People everywhere like some sort of music…

People everywhere like some sort of music , and since the invention of the iPod people have been downloading music off iTunes like crazy. However, there are some people who want to be able to download music for free instead of paying a dollar for a song. I am not one of those people. I think being able to download music for free is wrong. Composers and singers,put in a lot of time to perfect a song. Also,singing and composing are these peoples’ jobs. If we don’t pay for their songs, then they won’t have enough money to write and record more songs which means no more music! We need to pay for the songs so that the singers and composers can make more music. I think it is a good thing that downloading music for free is illegal. Try not to use places like Limewire to dowanload music for free because it is an illegal web site, and you could get caught. If people buy their music then musicians can still make music , and people won’t have to worry about getting caught using Limewire and other illegal websites.


  1. I personally don’t mind p…
    I personally don’t mind paying a dollar because you get the music you want to go wherever you go as well, and once you pay that one dollar, you can listen to the song over and over as you please. It’s a little easier than listening to the radio 24/7 trying to find the song you want, or spending twelve dollars on a CD for the one song you want!!! But that’s just my opinion… 🙂

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