Fitness For Funds


Dannika Harris writes, What is Fitness for Funds? It is my schools way of making money that will benifit the school 100%.

What is Fitness for Funds? It is my schools way of making money that will benifit the school 100%. All the classes from Kindergarden to 6th grade will participate. We all get a packet or pledge sheet, and ask Moms, Dads, Co-Workers, and Friends to put a donation or a pledge down. Then starts the fun part. We have four events to do. The first one is Basketball hoop shots. The class gets 10 minutes to shoot as many as they can get in the baskets. Next is the Hula hoop twirl, you can spin a hoop on your waist, head, or your arms. One of my friends twirled four hula hoops at the same time for about 3 minutes. WOW! Then we had the Jump rope-a-thon. This one is my favorite. We could either do single jump rope or do it with a team together. We got our Vice Principal, Mr. Cook, to hold the rope for us. Last, is the Track walk, jog, or run. We had to see how many times we could run around the track and when we couldn’t run no more we would walk. Every time we went around the track volunteers would give us a sticker so we could record it for the pledge sheet. After we where all done, we got a snack and a extra recess.My brother(Tommy) and I raised $20.00. At the end of the day I got to talk to my Principal, Mr. Robert Linton, and asked him what is the money going for this year. He said ” Westgate will be using 1/2 the money for the PTA and the other will be going for computers, the smart board, and the play ground”. I also asked him how much money did we raise last year, he said ” about $6,000 and hopefully we will get more this year”. Last I asked Mr. Linton what was his favorite event. He said ” running the laps”. I think this this was a great way to raise money for our school and a fun way to do it. I would like to thank all the parent volenteers and the great school staff for the Fitness for Funds. And as my Prinsipal said ” This is a great activity for the kids and a great thing for fitness”.